DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera Setup And Manual

Manual Guide

The DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera is used for home security at night or day. This security camera can rotate at a 180 degrees angle for recording the video. There are two ways for recording the audio of anyone. The DEKCO camera provides the 1080p quality of recorded picture and video.

You can connect this camera wirelessly with your phone or computer for watching live video or recorded video. You can fix this in the home, office, garden, company, indoor, garage, and more. The wireless security camera secures all corners of your home. We can control this device with its App and you can even rotate it, watch live video, and change any settings.

Multiple users can access at the same time with the login details such as family members and friends. Moreover, the night vision feature of the dekco cameras captures full clear video within 98ft coverage. It is an IP65 waterproof device and safe from any overheating through the sunlight. This camera is loved by many user’s around US.

Features of the DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera

To start with, there are numerous features of the wireless outdoor security camera.

Fluent audio recording

This home security has two way  fluent audio recording system. You can hear the clear voice of anyone standing Infront of the camera.

1080p video quality

The device provides top-notch video clarity. Its recorded vides are better than as compared to HD quality Cameras.

App control

With the Cloud Edge App (iOS, Android) you can view old and live footage too. We can control every setting of the Dekco camera with the app. You can rotate this camera through its Cloud Edge mobile app.

Download Dekco Camera App

Dekco camera app for iOS

Night vision

The night vision is the most important feature of this camera. With provided floodlight it captures colored video even at night. Also, this camera covers up to a 98ft area with 4X zoom.

Multiple users

You can share your camera account with anyone. Multiple users can control this device like your friends, and family members. They all need to download the app and log in to the account.

These are the accomplished features of the 1080p wireless Dekco camera.

Installation steps of the DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera

To begin with the installation make sure you are in the same room as router for initial setup.

  • First and foremost, take this camera out from the packing box.
  • Read the useful information from the Dekco user manual.
  • Choose the place for fixing the camera. We recommend you to choose a place where the wifi network is working well. Plus make sure you have the tool required to fix the camera to the wall.

Dekco outdoor camera setup

  • Fix your camera on the wall away from any electric appliance and metal things because those may interfere in the signal waves.
  • Paste the “Positioning Sticker” provided in the box, to a wall. With the help of Electric drill, drill the holes as shown on the Sticker.

Installing dekco outdoor camera

  • Next, hammer the plastic anchors into the holes. And then tighten the screws with the help of driver. Once the Camera is Installed in place then insert the SD card in the camera, a maximum of 128GB.
  • Connect the power adapter with the DEKCO security camera, and then plug it into an electrical socket
  • Then, the camera starts blinking the light.
  • After that, download the Cloud Edge App on your IOS/Android device. The download link is given above too. Or you can also scan the  QR code available on the box of the camera to download the app.
  • Lastly when you have downloaded and installed the app then, you are ready to setup dekco outdoor camera.

DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera Manual

To commence with, I will discuss the quarries of the users related to this camera in the form of questions. In Dekco security camera manual you find answers too- Can I connect it to the router through wifi? Is it compatible with every router? Is it working with Alexa or google assistant yes or not? Where is it made? Can I use an extension to plug it? How can I change it? How does night vision work? Does this camera have an IP address? Can I insert any company SD card in this camera? Is it mandatory to insert a memory card? Can many people use it? Is it compatible with solar energy? Can I place it on the tree? We will try to answer all these questions but still, If any information is not available in this article. Then, you can take extra help from here.

Setup steps of the DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera

So, our camera is Installed on the wall. Plus it is plugged in into a wall outlet. Plus we have “Cloud Edge” App on our phones. If the answer to all these is “Yes”. Then proceed further with Dekco Setup.

Register the account
  • Install the Cloud Edge App on your phone and log in to the account.
  • Then, sign up for the email ID and connect it to this app.
  • Tap on the next.
  • Next, set the password and nickname of your app.
  • At last, click on the done.
Setup of the camera
  • On the Cloud Edge App, Tap on the “+” symbol or “Select Device” option. Then, click on the “Camera” to add the device.
  • After that, the app will ask you to reset your camera. You can do that by putting a pin inside the reset hole of the dekco camera for around 5-10 seconds. When the camera starts blinking the red light. Tap on the “Next”.
  • Next, choose the network name that you want your camera to connect with. And type the security key or passphrase. The password is case sensitive so type it as it is.
  • Kindly note, if your home has dual band wifi network. Then select only 2.4Ghz network here. As this camera only supports 2.4Ghz network.

  • Click on the “Next”.
  • Your app will then generate a QR Code that you need to scan with your Camera. You can do that by scanning the code using camera of your CCTV. So, simply just point the Dekco CCTV towards your phone.

Scan qr code using dekco camera

  • Once it successfully scan the “QR”, the “Red” light on the camera will turn “Blue”.
  • Next, create the admin name and security key of the added camera.
  • And Voila! you will now be able to see live footage from the camera.

There are steps to set up the dekco home wireless camera.

Some Common troubleshooting steps that you should know for this Cam.

No device is perfect, so whenever you step up into any trouble related to this camera, make sure you follow the below given diagnostic steps. So, lets begin-

My device shows the red light. How do I solve it?

Check the connection of your camera to the router. Weather your camera is connected to the router through a wireless connection or Ethernet cable. If via Cable then restart your device by disconnecting ethernet to the camera. Then reboot your camera and router. Once the camera turns back on, connect it to the router again. Thus, your device should stop showing a red light. Just in case it doesn’t then Reset Dekco Camera.

When I see live footage, my device shows an error. What can I do?

If your device shows an error when you see live footage. You can reset it. The reset hole is provided just beside the SD card slot. Press this button for 4-5 seconds. When the device light blinks it confirms a reset is in process. Once the light stops blinking, then this confirms a successful camera reset. Now, you simply just need to set it up again.

These are the steps to solve any problem regarding this outdoor security camera. For more information contact the service provider.


This DEKCO security camera provides full clear footage with 1080p quality. Our Technical Team bought this camera. And we really liked its two-way audio feature. Plus at night too we get colored recordings, at high resolution. With 4X zoom nothing can escape from this detective. Its good surveillance camera.


Is it working with Alexa or google assistant yes or not?

No, it is not working with voice controls.

Can I insert any company SD card in this camera?

Yes, you can insert every company SD card with maximum storage of 128GB memory.

How does night vision work?

It has flood night which helps it to capture high definition colored image at nights too.

Where is it made?

Possibly China

How can I charge it?

It works on electricity, so you need to connect power chord to it.

Is it mandatory to insert a memory card?

Yes, for saving the recorded videos.

Can I connect it to the router through wifi?

Yes it is possible.

Is it compatible with every router?

You can use any router with it. Be it Netgear, Tplink, Linksys, etc.

Can I use an extension to plug it?

No problem with that. It functions well.

Does this camera have an IP address?

This camera has a dynamic IP address that is assigned by router.

Is it compatible with solar energy?

Yes, it works best with solar energy.