Dahua HAC-T1A21P Eyeball Camera Setup, Troubleshooting

You can not be present at your house or company all the time. In this crucial world, where crime is increasing day by day, you need a third eye to keep a watch at all the places you owe to keep secure. Either you can not visit the places frequently to check whether everything is OK or not. Also, when you hire a person for your house or your kids, you can not guaranty that the person is safe and loyal to you all the time. What is the solution to this problem? The answer is the Dahua HAC-T1A21P Camera.

For a long time, the Camera has been the medium for your security. Nowadays, parking lots, gardens, cinema halls, homes, offices, hospitals, and places have cameras installed in their premises. Technology has made it possible to make even mini cameras that your eye can not catch quickly, but the Camera will see you. For security purposes, mainly, companies prefer to use eyeball cameras. And today, here I am going to tell you one of the same products. I am talking about Dabua Eyeball Camera.

Dahua HAC-T1A21 is a high integrity HD and SD output switchable eyeball camera with 2MP of resolution vision. It is a 3.6 mm fixed lens that can cover up to 20m of distance. The body of the Camera is made up of plastic that has approximately 65dB of S/N ratio and is very light in weight.

Dahua HAC-T1A21 Specification

  • Image Sensor- 1/2.7″ CMOS
  • Effective Pixels- 1920(H)×1080(V), 2MP
  • Scanning System- Progressive
  • Electronic Shutter Speed -PAL: 1/25~1/100000s
  • Minimum Illumination- NTSC: 1/30~1/100000s
  • S/N Ratio- 0.04Lux/F1.85, 30IRE, 0Lux IR on
  • IR Distance- More than 65dB
  • IR On/Off Control- Up to 20m (66feet)
  • Lens Type- Auto / Manual
  • Mount Type- Fixed lens / Fixed iris
  • Focal Length- Board-in
  • Max Aperture- 3.6mm (2.8mm, 6mm Optional)
  • Angle of View- F1.85
  • Focus Control- H: 93° (103°, 54.7°)
  • Smart IR- Auto and Manual
  • Pan or Tilt or Rotation- 800mm i.e. 500mm, 2000mm, and 31.50” i.e. 19.69″, 78.74”
  • Resolution- Pan: 0° ~ 360° Tilt: 0° ~ 78° Rotation: 0° ~ 360°
  • Frame Rate- 1080P (1920×1080)
  • Video Output- 25/30fps@1080P, 25/30/50/60fps@720P
  • Day/Night- 1-channel BNC high definition video output and CVBS video output (Can switch)
  • OSD Menu- Auto (ICR) and Manual
  • BLC Mode- Multi-language
  • WDR- BLC or HLC or DWDR
  • Gain Control- DWDR
  • Noise Reduction- AGC
  • White Balance- 2D

How to set up the Dahua HAC-T1A21 Camera?

Fix the Plastic Eyeball Camera

  • Turn the decoration ring in the clockwise direction out of the button placement and take it out.
  • Bring your installation position map out of the accessories sacks and stick it on the ceiling or wall and another mounting surface according to the monitoring area. Dig holes on the top or mounting surface as per the holes sites on a map and then insert plastic expansion bolt into the holes and insulate them carefully.
  • Lead out the tool cord through the cable slot.
  • Adjust these devices to a fixed spot, line up the screw holes on the device pedestal to the fixing holes of plastic extension bolt holes and then twirl the self-tapping into the plastic expansion bolts and fix them slowly.
  • Shift the squeeze cover to make it fused on the pedestal, adjust the Camera to proper monitoring location through rotating computer depression cover and dome body.
  • Align the destination ring with a gap on the pedestals and turn in a clockwise direction into pedestals. Well, it is installed when you hear the click sound.

Network Configuration

You can initialize the device and modify the IP address through the “Quick Configuration Tool” for the WiFi network camera. It needs to attach to a wired system to configure WiFi parameters; You can also initialize the device and modify the IP address on the WEB interface.

Device Initialization

  1. Double hit “ConfigTool.exe” and open the quick config tool.
  2. Press to enter the interface where you can modify the IP address, hit Search Setting, the network plays the Setting dialog box.
  3. Set the device network segment, login user name, and password, and then hit OK. The course will disclose searched devices after scanning is done.
  4. Choose the tools which need Initialization and hit Initialization. The system will show the interface of equipment initiation.
  5. Set a new password and confirm the password. Allot Email Address and input email address.
  6. Hit Initialization, the system starts to initialize the tool.
  7. Hit OK to finalize device initialization.

Modify IP Address

  1. Double hit “ConfigTool.exe” and open the quick config tool.
  2. Hit to enter the interface where you can modify the IP address, connect Search Setting, the system will exhibit the Setting dialog box.
  3. Set the device network segment, login user name, and password, and then punch OK. The course will indicate the searching machine after the search is finished.
  4. Select the devices whose IP addresses need to be revised, and then hit “Batch Modify IP.”
  5. The system will show the dialog box of Modify IP Address.
  6. Set the mode as Static, and enter the prearranged start IP, subnet screen, and gateway.
  7. Hit OK to finalize the modification of the device IP address.

Login WEB Interface

  • Open the IE browser, enter the modified camera IP address into the address bar, and then squeeze the Enter button. Kindly operate as per the interface prompt if the interface reveals the Software License Agreement and Online Upgrade guide.
  • Enter username and password, hit Login.
  • For the first Login, click “Click Here” to Download Plug-in, install controls as per the system prompt.

Dahua HAC-T1A21 Camera Troubleshooting

1) How do I find my IP Dahua HAC-T1A21 camera password?

A- By default, the IP Camera’s administrator password is admin, and you can change the password on the User Management page. In case you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera password is to the factory default setting via the hardware reset button.

2) Can not find the network host Dahua?
  • Fix the “cannot find network host” issue:
  • Remove the Camera’s IP address that does not enable from the Device List on your NVR
  • Then, set the Camera on the static IP status
  • Now, Go back to the NVR’s Remote Device section, search for the Devices and add the IP camera to the Device List.
3) How do I change my Dahua IP camera password?

A- Before operating the password change action, you need to follow it’s prerequisite, which are-
For Password:

    • The Password should include at least eight characters long
    • It should consist of having at least one lower case letter: a
    • It must incorporate at least one upper case letter: A
    • Essentially, At least one number: 1

And, At least one symbol:!

  • For Example, HIgh91!?

For connection

  • An IP camera should be connected to a network.
  • Configure Tools

Now, please follow the instructions –

  1. Locate your device with the help of Configure Tool
  2. Enter your device’s IP address into Internet Explorer.
  3. Log in to your device using the below information –
    User Name: admin
    Password: admin
  4. Hit “Setup.”
  5. Select “System.”
  6. Hit “Account.”
  7. Click the pencil icon located to the right of the “admin” user.
  8. Check out the box to the left of “Modify Password.”
  9. Enter the following details-
    Old password: admin
    New Password: (Your New Password)
    Confirm Password: (Your New Password)
  10. Hit “Save.”
  11. A dialogue box should appear towards the bottom of the window, stating, “Modify User Succeeded.” And your work is done.
4) How do I connect my Dahua WiFi camera?

Essential Prerequisites-

  • WiFi Camera
  • NVR
  • Video Instructions

Follow the instructions:

  • Kindly connect the NVR and IP camera directly to your router or the modem with a CAT5 cable.
  • Please open the Configure Tool and locate your NVR and IP Camera.
  • Kindly Login to both using Internet Explorer.
  • On the NVR, Visit Setting> Network> WiFi Device Manage. Ensure to note the SSID and Password.
  • On the IP camera, Visit Setup> Network> WiFi
  • Locate your NVR’s SSID, and hit once.
  • Enter your NVR’s SSID password and hit “Connecting.”
  • Go back to the NVR page, Visit Settings> Network> WiFi Device Manage
    Ensure that the Camera is displaying on the page and note the IP address.
  • On the NVR page, Visit Setting> Camera> Remote and hit “Manual Add.”
  • Enter the following-
    – Channel: (Any)
    – Manufacturer: Private
    – IP Address: (Your IP Camera’s IP Address)
    – TCP Port: 37777
    – User Name: admin
    – Password: (Your IP Camera’s Password.) The default is “admin.”
    – Remote Channel No. (Any)
    – Decode Buffer: Default
  • Click “Save.”
5) How do I connect my Dahua CCTV to my phone?

Prerequisites are-

  1. Smartphone (IOS device or Android)
  2. Cameras or NVR or DVRs User name and Passwords
  3. DMS/DMS
  4. TCP port should be forwarded on the router if the viewing of the local network

Follow the instructions –

  1. From the home screen of the mobile application, choose “Camera.”
  2. Choose the menu button.
  3. Select Device Manager.
  4. Choose the add button to add the device.
  5. Select Wired Device.
  6. Enter Device Name > input the IP address of the Dahua device > input TCP port. If using Public IP to view remotely off the regional web, you will need to port forward the TCP port on your router corresponding to the TCP port of the Dahua tool.
  7. Enter Username and Password > select live preview. By selecting “Start live preview,” the equipment will be automatically saved into the requisition.

Furthermore, Step by Step Instructions

  1. From the Main Menu, choose “Device Manager.”
  2. Choose Plus Icon to add the device.
  3. Choose IP/Domain.
  4. Name the device
  5. For Address, Enter either an IP address or Domain name.
  6. Enter the TCP port number. (Note: It defaults at 37777)
  7. Enter User Name and Password.
  8. Choose “Live Preview.”

Dahua HAC-T1A21 FAQ

1) Does it support any DVR? Is this Camera compatible with Sparsh DVR?

A: This is compatible with any HD-CVI DVR of any brand, but there is no HD-CVI DVR in the sparsh brand.

2) Can I use it with DH-HCVR4104HS-S2?

A: Yes

3) Is Dahua a good brand?

A- Dahua is one of the best IP camera names.

4 ) Are Dahua cameras Safe?

A- IPVM has verified, with testing, and from Dahua, that many Dahua cameras have a wiretapping exposure. Even if the Camera’s audio has been damaged, an attacker can still listen in unauthenticated.

5) How do I unlock my Dahua IP camera?

A- If your Camera’s account has been locked, the easiest way is to either reboot it or to wait for at least 30 minutes before you retry. Also, be aware that someone – may be a hacker who might try to log in to your Camera using a weak password.

6) What does ‘Cannot find network host’ mean?

A- The ‘Cannot find network host’ error means that a camera connected to your network has failed its connection. If the cameras on the switch were not given a fixed IP address when they were initially added to the system, they would occasionally get assigned a new IP address.

7) How do I find my network host?

A- Hit on the Windows Flag button or Start button at the lowest left corner of your screen. Click on PC Info from the list, or you may need to type PC Info into the search bar or; Press CTRL, Alt, I(i) together on your keyboard. Peep for your Host Name or IP Address from the screen that arises.

8) How do I add a camera to my smart PSS?

A- Step by Step Instructions given below

  1. To probe the device recorder’s IP address, Enter the IP range of DVR or NVR to be added and select “Search.”
  2. Choose the DVR or NVR to be added and select “Add.”
  3. Choose “OK”
  4. For Manual Add, Choose “Manual Add.”
  5. Enter Information and Select “Get Info.” Device details will automatically develop.
9) How do I access Dahua DVR remotely?

A- Follow the step by Step Instructions given below-

  1. Locate the periodical number of your NVR or DVR.
  2. Input your account information, and log in with an account.
  3. Hit, “Add”
  4. Enter the following and then click save:
    Go to Live> select NVR> > select a camera and see it under live view.
1O) How do I add a device to Dahua DDNS?

A- Go to Device Management> Add > select DDNS add. Enter your username, which is registered online, and password into the client. After you have successfully logged in, you will collect all devices under your account.

11) What is Dahua Smart PSS?

A- Smart PSS is an all-in-one, full-featured video surveillance request principle for the small to mid-size business that needs to monitor people, premises, and aids. Smart PSS incorporates all Dahua network cameras and storage devices into one intuitive, easy to use interface.

12) What is the difference between 1220rp and 1220sp?

A- 1220RP is Plastic Body, whereas 1220SP is Metal Body

Dahua HAC-T1A21 Cam Review

I bought the Camera for the safety of my kids. Once, when I was out of the town because of some work, I left my daughter alone in the house. I am a single parent, so I have to be her father and mother. That day, I had a call at midnight, and she informed me that she had felt some people are in the house. Somehow I manage to rescue her, but I wanted to be sure for the future.

So when I was looking for the cameras, I found Dayhua HAC-T1A21P Eyeball Camera. It was available in the offer, and also the review was useful, so I bought it. And I found it very useful. It was easy to install and handle. I can monitor my house from the office too via my mobile. Feeling, so happy about using the Camera. I will rate 10 out of 10 points and indeed recommend it to others.