D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera Setup, troubleshooting, review

The D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night Camera operates on the latest Wi-Fi technology that will help you monitor everything around your home. If you are looking for a surveillance camera that’ll, D-Link DCS-933L is the one for you. A standalone camera that requires little to no special hardware or software to function. Here are some of the many features of this day and night wi-fi camera that makes it worth the buy:

1. 24×7 monitoring solution

The D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night comes with a built-in Infrared Cut filter Removal (ICR) and infrared LEDs that’ll give you crisp and clear images even in complete darkness. Thus, enabling a 24-hour surveillance network.

2. Sound/motion-sensing technology

Its integrated sound and motion-sensing technology trigger instant email alerts and auto-recording if the camera detects any change within its environment.

3. Quick and Easy Set up

Since it doesn’t require any special hardware or software installation to function, its setup is very convenient and easy.

4. Mydlink Lite App

By using the mydlink Lite app, you can view, control, and pitch your D-Link DCS-933L to zoom up to 4 times.

5. Anywhere Access

Now, you can easily monitor the camera feed remotely from anywhere with the help of the mydlink app for Android as well as iPhone.

6. Elimination of Dead-zones

With a built-in Wi-Fi-extender, you can place the camera within the range of your Wi-Fi to increase your wireless home coverage instantly.

D-Link DCS-933L Cam Setup & Installation

Setting up or installing the D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night camera is very easy and the steps of its setup and installation can be followed by anyone with great accuracy and comfort. The below steps need to be followed for installing or setting up this camera effectively:

STEP 1- Press the WPS button for continuously 3 seconds
  • For starting up the camera, the WPS button present at the back of the camera should be pressed continuously for 3 seconds.
  • The red light will be the indication of the camera being started and then the blue light that flashes from the camera.
  • This indicates that the camera has started perfectly and is ready to be used by the buyer after its proper installation and setup.
STEP 2- The router to which the connection is to be made needs to be started:

The connection should be made from the camera to the router and that is why it should be perfect and very much up to the mark.

  • After switching the camera on, the router to which the camera needs to be attached or connected should also be switched on.
  • This should be done within 60 seconds of starting the camera so it becomes easy for the camera to grasp the waves coming from the router and connect to it immediately.
  • Also, initially, the router should be kept very close to the camera so that the wave catching is done effectively and with perfection.
STEP 3- Automatic rebooting of the camera takes place:
  • After the camera gets connected with the router, it automatically reboots itself so that all the data and system settings get updated and remain up to the mark.
  • Also, by rebooting itself, the camera makes it ready and compatible for the router and the data and information transfer between both of them becomes easy and convenient to a huge extent in a very short period.
STEP 4- Set the camera at the most appropriate and comfortable place in the room:
  • The angle of setting the camera should be very perfect and accurate.
  • The camera should be set in such a way that everything is visible to the person and the whole room comes in one glance or one frame for the viewer.

How to enable Remote Access on D-Link DCS-933L?

Remote Access allows users to access their camera via any computer connected to the internet using a web browser. It enables the user to access their camera feed and manage its settings when away from home. In order to enable remote access, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow through the Camera Installation Wizard that is included on the CD that comes with the camera.
  2. The Wizard can also be downloaded from DCS-933L: http://DCS-933L.mydlink.com.
  3. After you are through with the wizard, you can now see on the summary page that the Remote Status is Enabled.
  4. If you see it in Disabled state, check if-
    * the camera LED on the front is solid green
    + internet connection is strong
    * router’s LAN and WAN connections are proper
    + the router has UPnP in the enabled state
    * router has the latest firmware
    + the router can get a public IP.
  5. Reboot the router by unplugging it and plug it back.
  6. Check Step 4, and select Retry to refresh the screen to check if Remote Access is now enabled.

What to do in case you forget the password to your DCS-933L camera?

In case you can’t seem to remember the password to your camera, you need to hard reset the camera. This will reset your settings to the way they were as factory defaults. To hard reset the camera, follow the steps below-

  1. Press and hold the RESET button on the camera for 3 seconds while the camera is still plugged in.
  2. This will change the settings back to factory defaults.
  3. Check the camera and your password would have reset.
  4. Set a new password of your choice.

What to do when the DLink DCS933L camera network is not working remotely?

In case your camera network is working locally but not remotely this could be due to the firewall settings. To check the firewall settings, follow the steps below-

  1. Open the Internet firewall settings of your system using administrative permissions.
  2. You need to change Firewall settings to access the camera outside the local LAN.
  3. If the camera is protected by a Firewall behind a router, enabling the passive mode in the Firewall settings may help to reach the FTP server
  4. Make sure that the camera is not conflicting with any server running on the network.
  5. Check if your router is at the default settings and also if the router settings allow access outside the local LAN.

Can the DCS933Lcamera record live footage recordings?

Yes, there is an option of recording live footage of the activities in the area covered by the camera.

  1. Either, the person can set the camera on pre-record mode and record all-day actions once or they can watch the activity and record them if they feel it is necessary.
  2. The footage recorded can also be edited as per the wish of the person so that they can use it whenever required.
  3. The recording feature is accessible only on mobile phones because it becomes easy for the camera to send continuous imaging to the phone for a longer period of time and does not get interrupted in between at any point. Although it can then be displayed on a wider television screen too.

Will the DLink DCS933L camera be able to capture both sound and motion equally?

The camera accessibility of D-Link DCS-933L Camera facilitates easy access and a wide range of video capture.

  • The motion and sound sensing feature of the camera extend from a very low frequency to a very high frequency. The recording can also be stored in its system for the after-use.
  • As far as volume is concerned, the camera can be connected through its system to the mobile phone, computer, or television and volume can be adjusted according to the volume of the device. So, the volume frequency of the sound of this camera depends upon the device to which you are connecting it.
  • Apart from great sound quality, this camera also has an amazing and special visibility feature that can be adjusted as per the light of the surroundings. During the daytime, the brightness of the camera is low and at night, the brightness is at its highest peak. This adaptive brightness reduces the stress of the person to adjust it from time-to-time and also captures clear images in both day and night time.

How to improve the image quality of the DCS 933L camera?

If you have an issue with the image quality of the camera or it is not producing high-quality images as it is supposed to, there can be many reasons leading to that like a bad internet connection or wrong image settings. To resolve the issue, check the following:

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. If you do have a strong internet connection, check the next steps.
  • Make sure that the display settings on the computer are set to at least 6-bit color.
  • To make sure that the image settings are set appropriately, in the image settings of your camera do the following:
    1. Enable Antiflicker if lights are flickering in the camera video.
    2. Use brightness control to adjust the brightness to the required suitable level to resolve the issue.
    3. Adjust the contrast level using contrast control settings.
    4. You can also adjust the saturation by using the saturation control settings.

Does the D Link DCS 933L camera send alerts at the time of any unusual activity?

Yes, the camera has a perfect calculation of any unusual activity taking place in its range or area due to its effective sound and motion sensor.

  • It can immediately trace any unusual sound or motion taking place in front of it and can quickly send an alert to the person handling the screen about the upcoming danger or problem. Tracing any trouble will become easy for the people who want to be safe beforehand.
  • The camera can also capture good imaging and sound from an area spread up to 16 feet. That’s why it can be installed in the corner of the room and can capture the sound and motion of the entire room in one goes with ease and simplicity.
  • The alerts are sent in the form of beeps and red-light alerts and also in the form of notifications to make sure that the person instantly gets alerted by these notifications and concentrates on the activities taking place in the target area.

How to upgrade Firmware on the D-Link DCS-933L camera?

To have your camera working with all its potential, it is really important to have the current firmware running on it. To upgrade to the latest firmware, follow the steps:

  1. In the maintenance section of the camera settings, on the left, you would see “Firmware Upgrade”. Click on it.
  2. After you select Firmware Upgrade, the current firmware version and date will be displayed on the screen. You can check for the latest firmware on the D-Link website.
  3. To upgrade the firmware, download the latest firmware to your local hard disk.
  4. Now click on browse in the firmware settings, select the firmware file and click upload to begin the firmware upgrade.
  5. Make sure that you don’t interrupt the process or else it can damage the camera.
  6. Do not unplug the camera or PC or close the browser while the process is going on.
  7. It is suggested to use a wired connection while upgrading to avoid any interruption during the process of up-gradation.

What to do if live video is not working on the mydlink app?

If you are unable to stream live video on your mydlink app, check the following:

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection and the app is connected to the internet.
  • Double-check the app compatibility with your version of the camera.
  • Make sure your camera is receiving a strong internet network.
  • If live video is still not visible then reboot the camera and wait till the light turns to a solid green color. Close the app and log in again to see the live video.

How to connect the camera through a wireless connection using WPS?

If you want to connect your camera wirelessly using WPS then follow the given steps:

  • Press the WPS button provided on the camera for 3 seconds till the WPS LED starts to blink blue.
  • In the span of 60 seconds, press the WPS button given on the router that you want your camera to connect to. In case the router doesn’t come with a button, you need to activate the WPS via the web interface.
  • The WPS LED of the camera configures the wireless settings automatically and turn a solid blue color.
  • The camera will then reboot and you can now connect to your wireless network.

How to change the Night Mode settings on the D-Link DCS-933L camera?

If you want to change the night mode settings on your camera then follow the given steps:

  1. Enter the device’s IP address in a web browser and enter the device’s web interface.
  2. Now go to setup.
  3. In setup, you’ll find Day/Night mode settings to adjust.
  4. Depending on if you want to enable or disable Night Mode, you can adjust the settings.

What to do if there is no audio output from the D-Link DCS-933L camera in the mobile app?

If you are unable to hear audio recorded from the camera on your app, check the following:

  1. Make sure that your mobile is not in silent mode.
  2. Double-check if your mobile’s speakers are working with other audio and the media volume is high.
  3. In the live view screen, press the “i” button and it will show the stream’s live status. In case “Audio Stream” is not yet in “ON” state, wait for it to change.

How to find the saved screenshots?

If you want to see where your snapshots are saved, do the following:

  • Go to mydlink website.
  • On the website, right-click on your mouse.
  • Select the Save as an option.
  • Select the designated path to save the snapshot on the local Hard disk.
  • On Android, the snapshot files are saved in the mydlink folder under the path /mnt/sdcard/. You can use the file manager app on your Android device in order to find them.
  • On iOS, the snapshot files are saved in the “Photos” folder. You can go to Photos to see all the snapshots.

How to configure the camera’s wireless settings?

To configure the wireless settings of your camera, follow the given steps:

  • Enter the IP address of your device in the Internet browser and press enter.
  • Enter your login credentials and log into the account.
  • Select the Setup Menu and then click on Wireless Setup.
  • Under the Wireless setup, select Enable the wireless connection and click on Save.
  • Now select your SSID and type in the Pre-Shared Key field enter the wireless password.
  • Save the settings.
  • For encryption settings, you can choose from WEP, WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK. You can select whichever encryption method your wireless device uses.

What to do if no images are available via Web browser?

If there are no images available through the web browser, the reason could be that ActiveX might be disabled on the browser.

  • If you want to view your images via Internet Explorer, make sure that in the Internet Options, ActiveX is enabled successfully.
  • In case ActiveX is not enabled, you might need to change the security camera settings on the browser to install ActiveX plug-in.
  • Make sure your Java version is the latest to support ActiveX plug-in. You can download the latest Java version from https://www.java.com.
  • In case the web browser version for your Internet explorer is 6 or below, you need to update the web browser for it to be compatible with your device, to enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience.

DLink DCS-933L Cam Review

D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night camera’s high-quality specifications have made its users proud of buying and considering it. The amazing VGA resolution of this camera spreads all over the room and keeps the user’s belongings safe and under protection always. Also, the size of the camera is very suitable for a complete room or space. The night vision of this camera is up to 16 feet which is very widespread and long. With customization, the users can create a wireless network to increase their wireless home coverage instantly.
This camera has a wired connection setup and can easily be installed in any corner or suited section of the room without much hassle.

The video imaging of this camera is very high-quality and this enables the people to get a clear image of everything that happens in its dimensions. Also, its special motion and sound sensors can be connected with the mobile phone or television so that users can see the activities taking place in the room anytime anywhere using the mydlink app. It also enables users to receive alerts instantly in case of any intruder.

Features Review
These special features have surely contributed a lot to the well-being of the people and that is why people are more than happy and satisfied with selecting this camera and using it for their assurance and safety.
All of the specifications make it possible for the people to easily and conveniently use the D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night camera and get the best view of their room or place.

The extension offered by this camera will also give good coverage to the users and will enrich them with the most amazing and brilliant view ever for sure.
All in all, the unique features of this camera are tremendously popular nowadays and that makes it the center of attraction among all other security company products and services.