Cove 5Piece Security Alarm

The Cove 5Piece Security Alarm is a wireless home security system. This system provides wireless 24/7 professional monitoring and you do not have to do any contract. You can attach google assistant or Alexa with this device for giving commands vocally. It is a smartphone control device. They can also add more cameras and control the whole home’s security system with the cove mobile app. The power source of this security system is the battery. You can manage or control this device in many ways like voice, app, touch, remote. The installation of this security system just takes a few minutes. This device gives you powerful security and if you connect the camera with this system. So, you can take live footage of this.

This device catches emergencies easily from your homes like fire and flood, home intrusion, and medical emergencies. This device rings an alarm for alerting you to any happiness and also gives notification on the home.

Basic Cove 5Piece Security Alarm Features

There are various features of the cove home security alarm.

Faster and Quick Functioning

This system works very fastly and it sends a notification within one second on your phone.

App Management

You can change any setting and check any function of your home security alarm via the mobile app.

No contract or cancellation fees

These are not to do any contract for starting this device and not need to submit any cove security monthly fee or fine for cancellation as well.

Remote control

The remote is given with the device to control the device from some distance.

Additional perks

This device has advanced features such as smart control, 100% cellular connection for maximum protection, 24 hours battery backup, grab protection, hourly sensor checks, and 24/7 customer service.

Basic Method to Cove 5Piece Security Alarm Installation

Read underline the given steps for correct installation and do not miss any step from the process.

  • Remove packing protection from the box and take out all things.
  • First, read all instructions and information from the manual and envelope.
  • Then, choose the location of the cove touch screen panel.
  • Then, connect the power adapter to the touch screen panel and plug it.
  • Turn ON this and select the location for placing the sensor.
  • Next, place the alarm and sensors on the door, window, wall, more, according to your choice.
  • After that, insert the battery in the key remote and connect it with the touch screen panel.
  • Then, check the working of the sensors.

These are the steps of the wireless cove security systems.

Best Steps of Cove Security System Login Account in the App

Login your device account with these steps on the app for managing the security system.

  • Install the cove app in your IOS/Android device from the play store or apple store.
  • You can scan the QR code to directly download the app.
  • After downloading it, open the app and click on the login.
  • Then, note the security key and SSID from the configuration card.
  • Next, text the key and network name.
  • Tap on the sign-in option.
  • When you see the main menu. So, the cove security login is completed.

Follow these steps to log in your Cove 5Piece Security Alarm.

Cove 5Piece Security Alarm Manual

This manual will discuss the user’s cove security complaints. Can I add the camera to this? How many users can operate this? Can multiple users manage this device? Can I use this outdoors? Is it necessary to download the cove app? Does it work with the wifi connection? Does this system work with a camera? Can it send alerts when the sensor battery is low? Can it work with only a cove camera? Is it compatible with the booster? What is the price of the extra sensor? Can touch screens automatically when not in use? If any information is not available in this manual. So, can take new information from here.

Finest Ways to Cove 5Piece Security Alarm Setup

Follow these ways to operate the wireless home security system errorlessly.

Add New Sensor

With the aid of these steps, you can connect new sensors with the system.

  • Initially, I opened the app and came to the settings.
  • Then, go to the sensor setting and click on the setting.
  • Next, trigger the sensor and it produces the sound.
  • Choose the new sensor from a new list.
  • Click on the next.
  • If you want to add another sensor and add it.
  • Tap on the done option for adding.
  • Then, verify the sensor signals which are connected with the central monitoring station.
  • After completing the process, test the working of the sensor.

These are the steps to set up the best home security system.

Cove 5Piece Security Alarm troubleshooting Tips of Simple Problems

I am giving some solutions to the simple problem in the upcoming paragraphs. So, follow these line by line.

The sensors are not working. What can I do?

Check the connection of the sensors with the touch screen panel and battery of the sensor. Replace the battery from the sensors, press the backside button of the sensor, and pull the case. Then, open the base plate of the sensor. Install the new battery in the right way. Close the base plate of the sensor and turn On it.

Restart the touch screen panel

Restart the touch screen panel when the LCD screen is not showing anything. Unplug the touch screen panel from the electric outlet. Wait for 10-15 minutes for technical management. Then, plug it in again and turn ON it.

Reset the device

Reset your device through the app. Open the setting and scroll down the list of settings. Then, tap on the Reset option. After that, all lights turn OFF the system. Then, the light turned ON. set up your device again with the app.

Do not press any button while starting any process and you can contact cove security customer service that is available 24/7.

Cove Home Security System Review

This is the best security device for the home and another place. I bought this cove home security system from the market for home security. After installing all the things on this system, I am feeling very safe. Always I control this device from the app from far away from my home. I like this device so much and it is very simple to install. I advised the Cove 5Piece Security Alarm to my friends for their home security. In my opinion, I gave this cove alarm review.

Wireless cove security system features:

The features of this cove system are remote control, additional perks, no contract or cancellation, faster and quick functioning, app management.

Cove home security alarm design:

The design of this device is wonderful. You can see everything on the app and touch screen of the full device.

Wireless cove security alarm dimensions:

The dimensions of this system are 13.5 x 12.5 x 4.25 inches.

Cove security system specification:

CPK-1DW-S is the model number and cove is the manufacturer. The power source of this system is a battery. 2 CR2 batteries are required for functioning.


Can it send alerts when the sensor battery is low?

Yes, it sends notifications on the cove security app or touch screen panel.

Is it compatible with the booster?

No, there is no connection with a booster.

Can it work with only a cove camera?

Yes, it works with a cove camera.

Is it necessary to download the cove app?

Yes, for managing.

Does it work with the wifi connection?

Yes, it works with wifi connection or mobile phone.

How many users can operate this?

Approximately 21 users.

What is the price of the extra sensor?

$15 is the cove security system cost of one sensor.

Can touch screens automatically when not in use?


Can it work with only a cove camera?

I do not know about this.

Can multiple users manage this device?


Can I add the camera to this?

Yes, you can connect every Cove camera with this security system.