Connected to WiFi, but no internet? Get a Quick Fixes Tricks and Guide

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Are you facing connected wifi, but no internet access on your Windows? Seeing the bothersome “wifi connected but no internet” error on your Windows 10 PC?

Notice the dreaded Windows 11, Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. internet connection icon affirming that you have No Internet Access on your PC? You are likely wondering how to resolve this frustrating Windows misinterpretation.

A lot of Wireless devices, like a computer, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. connect to your router. The router is usually a great networking device that controls the network connections for the various wireless-enabled devices in your home. Your router hooks up first of all into a modem. After that, a wireless router that bridges the traffic on your home network to the more exhaustive internet connection.

If your wireless-enabled windows are not connected with the internet connection, you can use your computer for internet pertinent activities. Like you can use it to watch web series, play games, setup Synology NAS storage, download movies, access a lot of data, etc., kindly resolve the internet pertinent issue first and use it again for accomplishing the internet-based work.

Follow these steps when you have no internet access. If yes, here are quick tips and tricks to troubleshoot it instantly. You need to follow here given all tips and guides in a manner.

Some Quick steps to fix “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” Errors

Sometimes, the WiFi connected no internet Windows 10, wifi connected, no internet android, No internet connection on a laptop, Windows 10 no internet access but connected Ethernet, etc.

When you see misconception messages like windows 10 no internet access but connected wifi, Connected, no internet access or Connected but no internet on your computer, etc. All of these means that your computer is hooked up to the router perfectly. Whereas you can’t reach up to the internet connection. Conversely, if you see no network connection or internet, no internet or No internet connection transmissions, it signifies that your computer is not hooked up to a router at all.

Are you also facing these types of issues, if yes, first of all, know the reasons behind this issue. Usually, these types of issues occur due to a mess of reasons. Due to misconfiguration of devices, cable detachment, cable damaging or cut, etc. These all types of reasons make one of the reasons for these issues. However, after knowing an exhaustive reason, you can easily get back a network connection into your wireless enabling device.

Let’s foremost quickly summarize the steps to fix or nail out the “connected but no internet access” issues. Below are some facts and the guide will go into detail on each one:

Confirm other devices can’t connect

In the beginning, kindly ensure that your other device is connected to the same network or not. If other devices also show the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10”, then go into the wifi settings and reconnect it. If this issue persists, then connect the wireless device or router with the wifi network connection again. So, let’s connect it again and use its network connections of the wireless router again. If it does not work, then use the other troubleshooting steps.

Reboot your PC

Now, you need to reboot your wireless router and Windows 10 Pc too. You will disconnect all the cables from your cable and router after turning off the power of your both devices. After a while, reconnect both devices and use their network connection again. It provides you with a better connection to the network after rebooting. If it’s starting to work adequately, you can use it for the Quickconnect login, accessing a lot of files, downloading high data usable data, etc. If it is priests, then you will use the next troubleshooting tips.

Reboot your modem and router

By resetting your wireless router and modem, you can also resolve the persisting issue. So, to resolve the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” kindly reboot both of the devices. Leave all the cables for 5 to 10 minutes after dis-attaching them by turning off all device’s power. When it is not resolved, kindly use the next step.

Disable any VPN connections

After this, you need to disable the VPN connection. After disabling it, surely you will get rid of the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” issue. If it is not possible, you can follow the next step.

Run the Windows network troubleshooter

Another way to cope with the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” issue, you can run the Windows network troubleshooter into your wireless computer. It surely helps you to resolve the issues. Otherwise, you can follow the other steps.

Other ways to troubleshoot the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” issue

The other ways to get rid of the issue are kindly checking your IP address settings, checking your ISP’s status, trying a few Command Prompt commands, Disabling security software, Updating your wireless drivers, Resetting your network, etc. These all are ways to help you to get rid of the “WiFi connected no internet Windows 10” issue.