How to Connect Security Camera to Wifi Extender?

connect extender to security camera

Wifi Extenders help you to extend your current wifi range. So, if you are facing Wi-fi coverage issues and your devices keep disconnecting from the internet every time. Then You can connect them with a newly setup wifi extender network(SSID). Now, in this article we will learn how to connect a security camera to wifi extender.

Now, it doesn’t matter which brand of wifi extender/repeater you have at home. Be it Netgear, Linksys, Tplink, Rockspace, Wavlink, Asus or any Chinese brand, the setup process remains the same. Moreover, these instructions are for all brands of security cameras like Blink, YI, Arlo, TP-Link, ieGeek, Reolink, etc.

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have set up the wifi extender. So, let’s learn how we can do that in just 2 mins. Later we will connect the camera to it.

Setting up wifi extender before camera setup

  • To start with, plug your wifi extender into a wall outlet near your main Wifi router. Kindly, make sure your router is already set up and working.
  • Next, we recommend you to reset the extender/repeater first. You can do that by holding a paper clip inside the reset hole for around 10-15 seconds while the extender should be plugged into the electrical outlet.

connect security camera to wifi extender

  • Now, in case you don’t have a reset button, then you must be having a wps button on it. So, press and hold that wps button for 10-15 seconds in order to reset the extender.
  • Wait for at least 120 seconds next, until the power LED on it gets stable again.

Method 1

  • In this method you need to press the wps button on the extender.
  • Now, you will see a blinking light on it. Within 2 minutes you will need to press the wps button on the router too.
  • The wps lights on the extender and router stop blinking after successful wps setup. This setup usually takes around 30-40 seconds. 
  • Next, you simply need to open your wifi list on your phone or computer and there you will see your extenders SSID. You can tap on it to connect to it. When it asks for a password by default the password is the same as your router’s Wi-Fi password.

Method 2

  • For this you will have to refer to the user manual of your extender. 
  • Because different extenders have different login URLs or default IP addresses. So, you need to check it in the manual or you can simply use google to check what your extenders default IP Address. For example default ip addresses of few of the famous extenders are given here (Netgear-, Tp-Link-, Rockspace-, Linksys-, etc).
  • Once you have the IP Address then on your phone or laptop go to the Wi-Fi list. There you will see your wifi extender showing up. Tap on it to connect to it.
  • Once connected, open a browser on the very same device and in the address bar type the default ip address of the wifi extender and hit “Enter”.
  • This will take you to the Wi-fi extender’s login page.
  • If it asks for the default password then try “admin” in lower case.
  • Next, you will get a list of networks available. So, select your router’s Wi-Fi network SSID and type its password for confirmation when asked.
  • Lastly, save the settings to complete the extender setup.

Now, after Wifi extender setup we will need to move on to setup our security camera and then connect it to this.

Setting up security camera next

Again, the process differs for every brand, but the basics remain the same. You will need to plug it to power, insert your memory card, and download the app compatible with your camera. In case you are using a camera with DVR or NVR system then you will need to install it first before the setup process. 

Now, you can check here to download the apps mentioned for some of the most common security cameras. In case your camera is not mentioned here then simply refer to the user manual of your gadgets. 

Blink Camera

Blink camera app download

blink camera app for ios

ieGeek Camera

iegeek camera app for android

iegeek camera app for ios

Reolink Camera

reolink camera app for android

reolink app for ios

OFYOO Camera

download ofyoo camera app for android

download ofyoo camera app for ios

YI Camera

yi camera app

yi camera app for ios

Arlo Camera

connect security camera to wifi extender

connect camera to security camera

SimpliSafe Camera

connect wireless security camera to wifi repeater

simplisafe camera for ios

Eufy Camera

eufy camera app for android

eufy camera app for ios

WYZE Camera

wyze camera app for android

connecting wifi extender to security camera

Connect Security Camera to Wi-fi Extender

After downloading the app you will need to simply turn on the camera and open the app. Next, follow the on-screen instructions on the respective app of the camera to complete the setup. Now, on the step when the app asks you to select your wifi network. 

Then you will simply need to select your extender’s Wi-Fi network name. Plus, for confirmation you will need to type its password too. Once the security camera connects successfully you will be able to watch live view through its app.

In case the wifi extender does not connect with the surveillance camera then we recommend you to reset the camera once and try the setup again. You can also try to reboot your router, camera, and wifi extender to resolve the issue.

Moreover, if the camera still lags-in due to poor wifi reception even after connecting the camera to wifi extender then we recommend you to set up your wifi extender as an access point. Then connect the wifi camera to the access point for better signal strength.

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