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In this article, we are going to discuss some best 5 microSD card for security cameras in the US. So, if you want to purchase a micro-SD card for your security cameras and you don’t have a proper idea about purchasing a micro-SD card. Then this article is going to be very useful for you.
Here we will know about all the requirements and features a micro-SD card should have so that we can use it for the security cameras. We will cover many important things that must-have in these cards to work properly with the security cameras. After knowing about all requirements, we will also know about the five best SD cards that have the ability to be used with security cameras.

What do we need to know before choosing a microSD card for a security camera?

So, before you will select a best micro SD card to use for your security cameras that you have in your home or office. First of all, there is one thing you must know, that the cameras used for security purposes don’t have features like mobile phones. So, the security cameras did not work equal to the smartphones and they don’t have the same work to do.

In the case of mobile phones, you can use fewer storage cards but in the case of security cameras, the storage of the micro SD cards must be high. Since the recording time for a security camera to capture all the activities that are happening nearby is too long. As security cameras have to record the video footage for almost 24 hours and every day. Because of this process, the micro SD card used in the security camera must have a very large space. So that it can store all the footage 24/7.

So, whenever you will purchase a micro SD card for security cameras, then you must go for high storage options. After knowing about the storage, the second thing we need to know is quality. The quality of the micro SD card also needs to be good, so that it can store all high-quality videos without damaging the footage. So, you should always purchase a quality product so that there will be no issues in the future.

Now, we have discussed the things that we must know before purchasing a micro-SD card for security cameras. Now we will proceed further to know about some best micro-SD cards that one should purchase.

Best 5 Micro SD cards for security cameras

Now, we will know about some of the best micro-SD cards for security cameras. These micro SD cards have all the features that are required to use with the security cameras.

Given below is the list of the 5 best micro SD cards for security cameras:

1. SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC UHS-I Card

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This micro-SD card from SanDisk comes with two types of storage. One is of 32 GB storage and one also comes with 64 GB of storage. So, to use it with the security camera you must go with 64 GB of storage. As 64 GB storage is enough to store the footage for at least a week.
You can record a full HD quality video and store it on this micro SD card as it has the ability and it is also rated 10 star for recording HD videos.

2. SanDisk extreme MicroSD UHS-I Card

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As the name of this micro SD card suggests. It has the ability to transfer files with an extreme amount of speed. So, if you want to purchase a micro SD card that supports extremely speed files and videos transfer. Then you should purchase this card.
The storage of SanDisk extreme MicroSD UHS-I Card also comes in 64 GB as well as 32 GB. You can purchase any of them as per your requirements. With this micro SD card, you can record 4k HD videos.

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3. SanDisk high endurance video microSDXC

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If you are looking for a micro SD card that has too much space to store video footage of a month and more. Then you can go for SanDisk high endurance video microSDXC. This micro SD card comes with storage of more than 64 GB. One of these has the storage of 128 GB and one also comes with the storage of 256 GB that is enough to record video footage of more than a month also.

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4. Samsung Evo select microSDHC memory card

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Samsung manufactures one of the best microSD cards that can be used with security cameras. This microSD card from Samsung is best for recording video footage of 4k HD quality. The speed class of this microSD card is 10 and it is also classified as U1 class for write speeds.
The storage options available with this microSD card are 32 GB as well as 64 GB. So, you can easily record the video footage for up to 1 week and store it on this microSD card.

5. Kingston high endurance MicroSD

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This microSD card from Kingston is made for the purposes like using it with security cameras. So, this can be also a good choice when you have to purchase a microSD card with card reader for your security camera. You can use this microSD card in any conditions like extreme temperatures, in water, and also for X-rays.
The storage option available in this microSD card is also 32 GB and 64 GB. You can record full HD quality videos on this microSD card.

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So, all of these were the best 5 microSD cards for security cameras. You must select the microSD card according to your requirements. If you have to record video for up to 1 month then the storage should also be according to that and if you want to record the footage for 1 week then you should go for 64 GB of storage. Before purchasing any of the microSD cards you must check their quality and also their ability to record videos in HD quality so that checking the footage will be easier in HD quality videos.