Blink XT2 Camera

Blink XT2 camera is the successor of Blink Xt camera which has come with an upgrade and provides both indoor & outdoor security to home and workplace. It is a weatherproof camera with features like 1080p HD video, two-way audio, infrared night vision, and integration with Alexa. This camera connects with the internet wirelessly.

How to setup Blink XT2 Camera?

The Blink Xt2 setup is very easy and simple for this you have to follow some steps properly. Here is the complete setup process that you have to follow. The blink camera setup section has been divided into three main parts:

Installing the Blink app and creating your account

  • First of all download the Blink app as per your device. If you have Android then use Google Play Store and if you have iPhone, then use the Apple App Store for downloading the app. Launch the Blink app and click on create an account.
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  • Then you will need to choose a region. This is important as it determines that your system is connecting to the right server. The
    closest region of your location will be pre-selected and click OK.
  • Now enter a valid email address in both fields and hit next.
  • Create a password and enter both fields and hit create an account.
  • After this verify your email address. Now your account has been created but for activation, you must check your email.
  • Check inbox, trash or spam folders for the verification email and hit Verify My Account.
  • A confirmation screen will come up saying that your account has been verified.

Setting up the Sync Module

  • Open the app and tap on the Blink logo to start.
  • Click on add a System button. This will consist of one or more cameras and a Sync module.
  • Now name or a system like Home or Office and then hit Done.
  • Hit on Add Sync Module at the bottom left corner. Make sure that your Blink and mobile device are connected to the same wi-fi
  • Tap the Ready button for entering the username, password of your wi-fi network and the serial number of Sync Module.
  • There are two ways of entering the serial number of the Sync Module. Either do it with the Blink app by scanning the QR code or you can enter it manually. For doing it manually, tap of a button Enter Serial Manually. The serial number will start from a digit 2 and will be present on the back of the sticker.
  • You will be asked to plug in your Sync Module. After plugging it in wait for 30 seconds to see the flashing blue light go solid green. Click Yes after seeing the light pattern on the screen.
  • The app will prompt you that “Blink wants to join the wi-fi network”. Tap on Join.
  • When your device will connect to the Blink network, a list of available wi-fi networks in the range of the Sync Module will be displayed. Choose the wi-fi that you want to use with Blink and enter its password. Then click on Join.
  • After this, you will receive a message saying Sync Module added. Now your blink Sync module will display solid green and blue LEDs.

Adding more blink Xt2 Cameras

blink Xt2 Cameras
  • At the home screen of your Blink app, click on Add a Blink device.
  • Now you will be prompted to remove the back battery cover of the camera and insert batteries. Then click on the Ready button.
  • The Blink app will ask to access your camera. For this either you can scan the QR code or enter the serial number manually. For doing this tap Enter Serial manually.
  • Till the time your camera is added, the Blink app will show you some useful tips for positioning of the camera. Once the camera is
    added click on Done.
  • Now you will ask to grant the access of your microphone to the Blink app. This needed for using two-way audio and talk to whom so ever you see on camera.
  • Again you will be at the home screen of Blink app and you will see some arrows pointing towards some option with the newly added camera.
  • Repeat the above steps for adding more XT2 cameras as you can add one camera at a time.

How to rest Blink XT2 camera?

For resetting the Blink XT2 camera follow these instructions:

  • Have a paperclip or pin as you will need this further for the reset process.
  • Remove both the batteries from the camera at least for 10 seconds.
  • Insert back both the batteries into the camera.
  • Immediately press and hold the reset button for the 10 seconds that you can find just at the right side of yellow-colored Lithium Only sticker.
  • Now, will the light on the right side of the camera blinking red for almost 10-12 times.
  • So this is the point where your camera is at the original firmware version or factory default settings.
rest Blink XT2

What to do when blink xt2 camera night vision not working?

Here are some of the things that you can check with your camera:

  • First of all, check whether the firmware has been updated on your camera. If not, then update it immediately.
  • The next thing that you can do is to pull the batteries out of the camera and after waiting for some seconds put them back again and start your camera. Also, check if batteries are not too old. If it’s like that then replace them with the new one.
  • Another thing that you can check if the IR lighting is functioning or not. Check whether it’s on /off or Auto. Keep it on Auto.
  • Another option that can be tried is to change the location of the camera. Sometimes there might be some things at the location of the camera that might be obstructing the view.

What to do if Blink XT2 camera not recording motion?

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. First of all, makes sure that your system is turned on.
  2. Then ensure that you have enabled the motion detection enabled for your camera. The icon of the running man must be in blue
    color. If it is in grey, it means you have disabled the motion detection.
  3. Also, make sure that you have enabled the motion detection for all the cameras if you have more than one camera installed at your place. You will enable this option for all cameras separately otherwise either of cameras will not detect or record any option.

What to do if blink xt2 camera not recording?

Follow these steps for resolving this issue with your Blink XT2 camera:

  • First of all check that your Sync Module is enabled. The icon of the running man in your app is in blue color. If it is in grey,
    then it means you haven’t enabled motion detection.
  • You can also try by increasing the level of sensitivity. Take it to 9 as a sometimes high level of sensitivity helps in recordings.
  • The next that you can try is to reboot your camera and your sync unit by power cycling them. It simply means unplug the sync unit and removes the batteries of your camera out. After waiting for 30 secs, plug in the sync unit and put the batteries back in your camera. You can also try and replace the old batteries.
blink xt2
  • Also, check whether your wi-fi connectivity is working fine or not. It is also recommended that reboot your wi-fi router. Sometimes slow internet connectivity can also cause some issues. Also, you can try to bring a camera near to the sync unit and wi-fi access point.
  • Another thing that can be checked if by any chance you have damaged your camera is the PIR sensor. If your camera falls by any chance, then this censor usually gets damaged or the wire connecting to this camera circuit board might have been damaged. This has to be repaired by professionals only.


The blink XT2 is a high performance and amusingly affordable surveillance product from the company Blink. It is their third product in a row. This version has really got everyone intrigued as for almost the same price it has excellent graphic imaging quality, ridiculously awesome battery life of almost two years. In addition to that, it also has 170 minutes of free cloud storage. It also provides a good amount of offline storage. What more could one ask for at that price? The night vision is also quite impressive. It uses an LED lighted vision rather than the colored ones. Blink XT2 camera has a much clearer vision thanks to that. It has an easy setup and can be relied upon without having to worry about the changing of batteries or dealing with troubles for a long time.

This durability makes it a lot more of a better budget option that the others. You could also go and hang it about on the wall or just place anywhere in the room because of its flat surface. The downfall, however, is the simple low numbers in the view field which is a 110-degree span. The basic length in the good part is about 120 to start with. If that could be fixed the camera would be much better. It also features a dual way audio system that allows you to talk to whoever you are recording which is a whole plus to the game.

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Imagine scaring off a robber from your office seat. However, the new cameras in the market have a feature in face recognition and smart detection. This allows the nullification of the useless notification that would pop up if your pet passed by or the wind moved the leaves. This would be really annoying. So that’s about it. But the camera, at its price, is quite generous in features, storage, and with a 65 resistivity rating, pretty good against the weather. A perfect 10 for people looking to buy a good surveillance cam with a tight budget.