Blink mini setup troubleshooting review

Blink mini security camera is a 1080 HD camera by Blink home security. We live in a world that is full of uncertainty, and there is so much rage. But it is our duty to ensure our safety, these cameras perform the exact function. Blink mini cam is a 1080P HD indoor plug-in security camera with motion detection and two-way audio. Here is blink mini camera setup available for the user.

Blink Mini Indoor camera helps to keep eye on your house all round the clock. Cameras have become a necessity now and this blink camera offers a great choice. It has an amazing range of features like live viewing, motion detection, and infrared night vision. This, blink compact indoor plug-in camera uses the latest chip technology to detect motion. It also has two – way audio communication and is Alexa enabled.

Blink 1080 HD, compact indoor plugin security camera features.

It is a camera by Blink home security and is manufactured by Immedia.

1080 HD camera –

This Blink mini compact plug-in smart camera has the latest 1080 HD technology. It has good video quality and the live view is also decent.

Motion detection –

Blink’s latest chip technology provides a feature of motion detection. It’s a smart helps to customize motion detection. It makes it easy and more user-friendly as users get alerts for sensitive areas only. It’s an amazing feature as it adds personalized notifications. Thanks to this, you won’t have to look at the phone every beep just to see if a burglar broke in or was it just your cat doing performing its night rituals.

Night vision –

It has in-built infrared light and gives night vision. You can view all-around your house even at the night.

Alexa- compatible –

This camera works well with Alexa. You just need to set it once and then you are all done.

Live view –

Once connected to a device, this camera offers real-time streaming of your house.

Voice control –

You can easily connect to your loved ones with the help of voice control. Once you have set up your device and connected it to an Alexa- enabled mobile phone or laptop, then you are ready to use the voice control feature. You can have the privilege to talk to your loved ones just through this camera and actually live stream special events which are very crucial but, unfortunately, you have a meeting abroad a day before! Isn’t it cool? But, the only flaw is that you’ll have to manually do it every 10 sec by pressing a button. It’s not automatic and continuous.

How to setup Blink Mini indoor security camera?

Setting up a blink mini camera is easy as compared to other brands. The only problem is that it sometimes requires connecting again. Let’s see how to setup Blink Mini indoor security camera.

You need to download the Blink security app on your device for blink mini camera setup. Then, select your mini camera model and connect your camera by serial no. or model no.
After connecting your camera, the app will require authentication through a password or OTP.
Once, authentication is successful, your camera gets set up.

How to connect your Blink compact indoor smart plug-n camera to Alexa?

  • First of all, download Alexa on your device.
  • Then, download the Blink app on your device.
  • See if, your iOS or Android device is Alexa compatible. If yes, then find Blink in there and select add a new network.

Troubleshooting with blink mini camera setup.

Here, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about Blink’s camera, especially about Blink mini compact indoor plug-in security camera.

1.How to reset Blink mini camera?

In order to rest a Blink mini indoor security cam, you will have to reset the sync module. Resetting Blink mini is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Reset your sync module – It can be done by holding the buttons on the module slide. Keep holding these buttons until the lights turn on. If you can’t get a grip just with your hands, try using a thin and sharp object to hold the buttons.
  • Then, the camera system gets reset automatically.
  • After this, the module needs to be reinstalled in order to use the camera again.
  • Open the Blink home app on your device and reinstall the module.
  • Set the privacy settings according to your home and you’re ready to use the Blink mini indoor camera.
2.Why can’t Blink mini connect to the server?

In this case, try connecting a new device to your registered network or disconnect your already connected device and try reconnecting it by entering a password again.

3.Can I have two accounts on my Blink app?

Yes, now you can have two accounts on both your iOS and Android devices.

4.Does Blink Mini compact – indoor plug-in camera work outside?

As the name suggests itself, Blink Mini is an indoor camera model. So, it should be used indoors.

5.Will my pet set off Blink mini motion detection?

You can adjust this in your personalized settings. It can provide only customized alerts if set for sensitivity.

6.Is the battery reusable? Can it be changed by the user or not?

Yes, the good news is that the battery is reusable. Blink uses AA lithium batteries in all it’s models. It is easily available in the market and you can easily change it yourself. Just open the battery compartment and slide and remove the old batteries and replace it with a new one.

7.How long does the blink mini camera battery last?

It generally lasts for two years of standard usage.

8.What does standard usage mean?

Standard usage means 4000 to very 5 minutes or a total of 40,000 seconds of video recording including live view.

9. What if I use it at a temperature above or below the optimum temperature range?

If used above or below the optimum temperature range, then it leads to poor performance, low quality, lag time, and fast battery drainage.

10. How to increase live view time?

The default time is 5 seconds. It can be increased manually for up to 60 seconds. But, this is very inconvenient to press a button every 5 seconds.

11. Does Blink mini record continuously?

No, it doesn’t record continuously. The default recording time is 5 seconds.

12. How can I use Blink with other devices?

It works only with Alexa. You can’t use it with any other smart home device.

13. My Blink mini account is already connected to a device?

In this case, you should contact customer support and ask them to disconnect that device. After disconnecting it. They will provide you with a new password in order to connect your device.

14.How to customize motion detection?

First of all, open the Blink mini Home app on your iOS or Android device. Then, select settings and go to motion settings. After that, click on sensitivity and choose as per your need.

15. What to do when Blink isn’t responding?

When Blink isn’t responding, then wait for a few minutes and try again. If the problem continues, power cycle your camera.

16. How to power cycle Blink camera?

To power cycle, your camera, take out batteries and wait for 10 seconds and then reinsert your batteries. This is a simple solution for many camera-related problems and works in almost all cases.

17. Can it record outside if mounted inside?

Yes, it can record outside if you set it at the correct place. For instance, if you set it on a window, then it can easily record outside. But, you will have to turn off the night vision if there are lights outside the street, otherwise, it won’t be able to record during the night.

18. Which plugin is with Blink mini?

It is a normal USB plug-in that is connected to the cable end and the other end is connected to the power source.

Blink mini camera reviews.

Blink mini compact indoor plug-in the camera has a good quality of video recording. It’s latest chip technology and 1080 p HD helps to provide enhanced quality. The camera has an east setup as compared to other models but has so many irregularities in the recording. It records only for 5 seconds and at most 60 seconds continuously. It is a headache to press the record button again and again.

Many customers use this camera as a baby or a pet monitor and this record feature makes it very worthless to use. Users suggested that if this can be updated then, the camera will be much better. Besides, these subscription charges are also not very pleasing. Nobody wants to pay $3 just to store recorded files on a cloud. Customers also reported that it’s motion detection is a bit spooky sometimes, but this issue has been fixed after that last on-air – update. Blink mini indoor camera does not work with other devices, unlike other models which are smart home devices compatible. Some customers found this quite disappointing. Overall, the camera is nice but the app lacks many features and needs to be properly updated.

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