Best modem cum router for your home

We all have came across this questions, when we were looking for a best router for our home. Today I have narrowed down your list by analyzing more than 20 different routers/modems and bringing the best one to you. We all need the router which can give us good range, can connect to our smart tv’s, doorbells, security cameras, etc without difficulty. The modem cum router that I have listed here will do the job for you. Let’s understand its key features first-

Best modem cum router Netgear AC1200 D6200

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You can save your monthly rental fees now with the help of this netgear nighthawk cable modem wifi router combo. Save upto $168/year.

Its supports major Internet service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, & CenturyLink. It will not work with AT&T U-verse, CenturyLink VDSL, or Comcast

It cover 1800 square feet of an area.

Comes with beamforming Technology

Wifi speed upto 300-800mbps.

Along with 4 ethernet ports you get an extra USB ports.

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