Axvue A242 baby monitor

The Axvue A242 baby monitor camera is a monitoring camera with a high-resolution and large LCD screen. It consists of two cameras which can be switched easily within 5 seconds. Video transmission is smooth and stable. Video streaming can be done even in high frame rates without any lag. Two-way communication with an 18-hour battery life and 1000 feet coverage range competes with the latest baby monitor camera.

It has a large LED indicator that indicates battery and sound. Through power button, volume down, volume up, auto scan, and talkback features, it helps to monitor the person easily.
The Axvue baby monitor charger with DC 7.5v and 500mah battery can be purchased separately from digital stores. It comes with auto night vision with 2x zoom capability and power-saving mode made this camera more attractive. It is expandable upto 4 cameras and is mountable. Following are some key features of the Axvue baby monitor.

Features Of Axvue A242 Baby Monitor

Transmission Range

The Axvue baby monitor range is seamless. It covers a wide range of upto 320 square feet if it is connected with WiFi and upto 900 square feet in an empty area.

Large Display

It has a large high-resolution LCD display and offers clarity even in dark lights with an inbuilt night vision feature. High sensitive speaker and microphone capture the voice and motion of baby ver easily.

Multiple Inspection

The Axvue baby monitor split screen feature allows users to view multiple cameras at the same time. However, it has a feature that automatically allows switching between the cameras within 5 seconds.

Rotatable Camera

The camera can be controlled using the pan and it can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt 105 degrees to capture small movements of the baby. The zooming feature is also available for a close look.


The inbuilt lullabies feature in this camera offers the baby to sleep peacefully and get into sleep earlier.


It offers one key control to the camera as it has volume, power, and speaker control features. It also allows talking back to the camera by controlling the video and audio.

Digital Technology

It has 2.4GHz digital technology with an inbuilt wifi feature, which connects the camera without the need of any other network. The covering range is almost 160 feet for indoors and upto 900 feet for outdoors. Any obstruction in the area can interrupt the signal.
Step by step installation procedures for the Axvue baby monitor camera is as follows.

Axvue A242 Baby Monitor Installation Steps

Before installation, make sure that the battery of the Axvue baby monitor is fully charged. The installation steps for the Axvue camera monitor are

  • Put the camera and place it safely on a flat surface that will provide the best view for the baby’s movement. Make sure that the distance between the camera and crib is at least 3 feet.
  • Adjust the angle of the camera and check whether all the wires behind the camera are connected properly.
  • Now plug the adapter into the AC outlet and turn the camera on.
  • By pushing and holding the power or menu button for at least 7 seconds, turn on the monitor.
  • The Axvue icon and name shows, and then the video automatically start showing on the screen.
  • Now set up the camera to view the baby’s movements. If the screen doesn’t show any video, then try to pair the monitor and camera.

The access the camera, simply login in by web interface or by an app. The next steps should be kept in mind to do login.

Axvue A242 Baby Monitor Login

To access the camera via the web interface or by an app, follow these steps. Log in using Web Interface

  1. Launch the browser in the system or smartphone.
  2. Type in the address bar.
  3. Enter the username and password to login into the Axvue Support page. Create a new one, if not created before.
  4. Click on the Login button and then it will forward to the Axvue official page.
To access the camera via an app, follow these steps.
  1. Open the Google Play Store or App Store on Android or IOS devices respectively. Alterway way to get the app is by scanning the QR code label on the back or button of the camera.
  2. Now download the app and installed it.
  3. Click on the signup Button to Create the new login ID and password. Click on the login button if already registered.
  4. Now the app can be accessed and any changes can be done just by an app.
  5. Click on Axvue baby monitor Add camera button and connect to it via WiFi connection

Manual for Axvue Baby Monitor

The Axvue baby monitor manual consists of a table of contents in which there is a brief explanation about the Axvue baby monitor, its key features and components, installation steps, login procedure by the web interface and an app, Setup using various methods, and its troubleshooting or resetting steps. Safety instructions, FCC information, caution, and a note are also mentioned on the last page of the manual. The Setup instructions for this baby camera monitor are as follows.

Setup Guide For Axvue A242 Baby Monitor

  • The monitor and the camera are paired while purchasing this product. If it doesn’t, then the following steps will guide to do the setup of the Axvue Baby monitor. These are
  • The camera and the monitor should be in the same place to establish the connection between them.
  • Turn on the camera by plugging the camera into the Ac adapter and holding the power or code button for 6 to 8 seconds at the same time.
  • Now push the power button on the monitor for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Solid LED light starts blinking and the connection between the camera and the monitor is accomplished successfully.

In the next article, Troubleshooting steps for Axvue Baby Monitor are discussed.

Troubleshooting Steps for Axvue A242 Baby Monitor

The Axvue baby monitor troubleshooting steps if vox mode is not working. These steps are

  • Press on the Menu button for 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Now hold on to the Power button for 3 to 5 seconds after selecting the camera option.
  • Now select the Axvue baby monitor vox mode and tap on the vox option
  • Press again the menu or power button for few seconds to confirm.
  • Now the vox mode is off and starts again the monitor to turn on the vox mode and enable it.

The Axvue baby monitor troubleshooting steps if it is not syncing. These are

  • Plug the adapter into the AC outlet and power on the camera.
  • Turn on the monitor by pushing or holding the power button for 6 to 8 seconds.
  • When the Axvue logo or video shows n the screen, then stop holding the power button of the monitor.
  • To establish a connection between the camera and the monitor, click on Axvue baby monitor add camera button.
  • Now the connection process has been accomplished.


I was a bit nervous when I am going to purchase this baby monitor because there are not many reviews. Very fast transmission range with very large high-resolution LCD screen attracts me to buy. The picture quality is very good even at night. 24*7 customer support makes it reliable. With small size and portable size, it can be placed anywhere even in a small place. Setup is very easy and can be done within a minute. The inbuilt microphone and speaker allow recording videos and audio of baby movements. Totally happy with this purchase and I must recommend buying this.


How do I install the Axvue baby monitor?

The camera and the monitor are already paired before shipment. Otherwise, place the monitor and the camera in the same room and turn on the power button of the monitor to pair.

How many cameras are in this baby monitor?

It comes with 2 cameras

Can I add additional cameras?

Yes, it can expandable upto 4 cameras.

Can I see the live recording on phone?

No, it can be seen only with a monitor

Can I set 2 different cameras in different rooms?

Yes, but the distance between the two cameras should not be greater than 800 feet.

Does this monitor have a playback option?

Unfortunately, it does not support the playback function.

Is this device is certified?

Yes, this device is certified by FCC/CE

Additional charging cords are available?

Yes, additional charging cords are available.

Can I turn off the temperature display?

Sorry, the temperature display cannot be turned off.

Can I mount this camera on the wall?

Yes, you can mount anywhere.

The monitor can be muted or not?

For safety reasons, it cannot be muted.

Does this baby monitor have motion sensors?

Dear customer, sorry to say but it doesn’t have motion detection sensors.

Does this camera monitor record videos?

Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t have a recording function.

Does this monitor allow you to hear both camera’s voices at the same time?

Yes, you can hear both camera voices at the same time.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can be used for upto 8 hours. The lifespan of this battery can be affected by humidity, environments, etc.

How can I change the temperature from Fahrenheit to celsius?

Yes, just hold on to the Menu or Power button for 6 seconds.