The avkans cm20 NDI is a 20x broadcast live streaming PTZ camera for church and lives production. It monitored all the areas and video capture in good quality. The 1080p video capture resolution of this camera. Usually, the Avkans cm20 NDI camera comes with many features like the CMOS sensor of the NDI camera is 1/2.7inch High quality, the video quality of cm20 is 1080p, the frame rate up to 1080p, 3 videos output from HDMI, 3G-SDI, and H.264/H.265/MJEPG, the avkans supports POE 802.3af. It delivers full HD quality videos up to 60 frames with the 1920 x 1080P HD Resolutions. Through the 60.7degree wide-angle optics, the autofocus lens provides the facility of 20X ZOOM Lens.

The installation of the wireless ndi camera is simple with its following components. It provides the feature low light, under this light the video is clean. This camera includes H.265 “High-Efficiency Codec” which means it allows IP Streaming along with H.264 and multicast streaming. The cm20 camera is compatible with vMix, Skype, zoom, OBS, and others.

Installation of the AVKANS CM20 NDI Camera

The avkans NDI camera is a suitable camera for church and lives production. If you want to take the benefits of the avkans camera then you need to install it. If you think about how to install the avkans NDI camera installation then the installation process is very simple by following the given below steps.

  • First of all, you have to take its box to install the NDI camera if your camera is new, then it has to be removed from the box.
  • Then, check the avkans cm20 NDI accessories the camera accessories are NDI camera, ac power adapter, power cord, RS232 Cable, IR Remote Controller, avkans NDI camera manual.
  • To proceed installation process, before powering on the NDI camera make sure all connections between the camera and cable are correct. For example, the AV cable is not supplied with the camera, the audio and RS232 cable is not supplied.
  • Set the CM20 camera system and select switch for your preferred video output resolution and frame rate.
  • Now, connect the camera to the power supply while utilizing the power adapter and cord. You can use the cord and plug it into the DC port. Then, utilize the ndi camera adapter and plug it into the power supply.
  • Then, connect the avkans NDI camera to the computer while utilizing the CAT5 or CAT6 patch cable.
  • Now, locate the power button, the power button is on the backside of the NDI camera. Turn on the power button and turn ON the power of the camera.
  • If the connection is successful, the network light of the camera will start to illuminate and the green LED light of the NDI camera will start flashing.

Now, the avkans cm20 NDI camera installation process is done. You can easily use the camera and live production.

How to connect the avkans cm20 NDI camera to the wifi?

If you want to connect the camera to the wifi then you can easily connect it to the wifi through the ethernet cable. If you want a successful connection between the NDI camera and the wifi router then follow some steps.

  1. Initially, turn off the power button of the camera, if the button is turned ON position.
  2. Then, utilize a yellow ethernet cable and plug it into the camera.
  3. The one end of the yellow ethernet cable plug into the camera’s ethernet port.
  4. Other ends connect it into the router’s ethernet or LAN port.
  5. Now, turn ON the power and also press the router power button.

Now, the connection is successful between the wifi router and avkans ndi camera x20. You can easily set up the camera and you can seamlessly use the ndi camera for church.

Manual of the avkans cm20 NDI camera

The avkans cm20 camera is the best camera for church. If we put it in the church, then it is very useful for live production. It records videos of HD high quality. If you think about how to use the avkans NDI camera 20x, how to manage the cm20 camera, how to install the avkans ndi camera, how to set up the cm20 ndi camera, how to solve the problem of the ndi camera, how to reset the ndi ptz camera etc. For this, you have to read the avkans ptz camera manual that came with the security camera. In this manual, you can also find out its features and specification like the NDI camera specials feature is H.264, All-glass-optical, the screen size of the camera is 2.7 Inches, the video capture resolution of the cm20 is 1080p, CMOS sensor is 1/2.7inch High quality, the camera dimension is 6 x 5.8 x 7 inches, the videos output of thus camera is SDI, HDMI, IP, etc.

Setup the Avkans NDI Camera 20X

If you want to take the wholly benefits with the avkans cm20 NDI camera So that you can do live streaming without any interruption. Then, you require a proper avkans ndi camera setup. If you want to set up this camera without any problem, then you can easily do it with the following steps.

  • To properly set up the camera, your computer is properly connected to the cm20 NDI camera.
  • Now, ensure the wifi or internet connectivity is run on your computer. If it is not run then you make the connection.
  • Then, open the latest technology(updated) web browser on your computer.
  • Click on the URL bar of the browser and then type the camera’s IP address. The default IP address is
  • Alternatively, you can also use the NDI camera web address, http://www.avkans.com/ndi_AVCM20N, and then press the enter button.
  • Now it will redirect the setup page, to set up the NDI camera.
  • Then, you will click the option “network $ internet setting”, in this option you can set the frequency band, channel bandwidth, network name, and password.
  • Then, you can select the option “change adapter option”, in this option you can easily change the adapter setting.
  • Now, select the “upgrade” tool and select the connection type in the drop-down list and you can change the IP address in this tool.
  • Afterward, click the option “apply setting” to save all the modified settings.

Thus, the setup steps of the avkans cm20 security camera are wholly finished. You can enjoy the 20x broadcasting live streaming with the NDI camera.

Troubleshooting steps for avkans 20x NDI camera not working

The avkans cm20 NDI camera is mostly used in the church for live streaming. But sometimes the avkans cm20 ndi camer not working, it causes some error. Through the troubleshooting steps, you can easily remove these errors.

  • The avkans ndi camera blink orange, the problem is Ethernet cable is not connected properly, to fix these errors connect the Ethernet cable properly.
  • Avkans cm20 camera not turning on, to fix these issue power cord properly connects the camera and the power adapter is plug into the power supply.
  • The http://www.avkans.com/ndi_AVCM20N page is not accessed, you need to verify the wifi or internet connection is there on the computer. Clean all the history of the browser. You can change the web browser.
  • The avkans camera is recorded poor-quality videos, the avkans cm20 NDI troubleshooting steps are you can clean the camera with dry clothes.
  • To fix all the errors you can do reset the camera, afterward, you can again set up the NDI camera.

Avkans NDI camera review

The avkans cm20 NDI camera is a superior camera and it provides high-quality HD videos with 1080p resolution. You can easily install the camera for the church and live streaming. This camera is the best way for doing broadcasting live streaming. You can also use this camera for the church and many more and will give you more benefits. The ndi ptz camera includes the H.265 and H.264 for IP live streaming. The installation of this camera is simple with its following accessories like cat cable, power cord and power adapter, manual, and others. I also used this camera it gives many benefits and for the live streaming in church for this, it is the best option. The setup of the ndi camera is effortless, you can also set it up with the ndi camera app. Finally, the avkans cm20 security camera is a tremendous camera for live streaming.


How do I find the IP address of my avkans cm20 camera?

If you find the IP address, then you go to the “advanced setting” then you can click the option “About device”. Now the IP address list is prompt.

What should I do my avkans cm20 ndi camera is not working?

If your camera is not working, then you can unplug the power cord from the camera DC port and then unplug the power adapter from the power supply. Afterward, plug it back in.

Is the OBS support the NDI x20 cameras?

You can now use NDI virtual input from the Newtek NDI Tools, you then choose video capture in OBS.

What the avkans NDI camera work over WiFi?

The cm20 NDI camera will work over a wireless wifi network but at a reduced frame rate depending on the bandwidth available.