Aukey 4K Dash Cam

The Aukey 4K Dash Cam has an upgraded sensor that completes the function of the front and the rear dash camera. It has an upgraded system that can record live video while driving and provides a backup also. If you are willing to watch last month’s video of an accident then you can take the help of the Aukey dash cam which records every tiny thing during any road journey. The camera has superior 1MX307 Sony sensors that can capture super-sharp video and also perform excellent video recording of 1920 x 1080p 30fps for night driving with its HDR night vision.

The Aukey 4k dashcam 3840 x 2160p wifi car camera is ideal for emergency video recording and Aukey dash cam loop recording. It helps to capture any unexpected driving incident and automatically records it. Moreover, it has a backup feature so that you can protect the recorded incidents for a long time. The loop recording helps the users to record the information continuously which you can watch in a loop and store into the sd card memory.

Aukey 4K Dash Cam Hardware Installation

The Aukey dash cam dual is equipped with dual wifi sensors from which you can also connect to the phone and enjoy live streaming. The Aukey dash cam hardware kit with a motion detector sensor helps you a lot to install the camera on the dashboard of the car. Otherwise, you can also find a better location to install the camera. If you are looking for an article that explains how to install an Aukey dash cam with safety precautions, you are on the right page. So let’s commence the hardware installation of the dual dashcam.

What’s in the box?

When you get the Aukey dash cam then you have to check all the major components that are required for the installation and afterward for camera setup. Hence the package contains:

  • 4K Dual dashboard camera
  • Dual-Port USB Car Charger
  • An AUKEY 4K Dashboard Camera User Manual
  • USB Mini-B Cable
  • Sticker mount
  • A Two 3m stickers
  • The Six cable clips
  • A Warranty card

These are the components you will get in the box, if you find any of them missing then immediately contact your dealer.

Find an Appropriate position

After checking all the required components, I now use the GPS antenna of the Aukey camera. Also, you need to provide them an accurate position where the Aukey 4K dash cam front and rear can view all the surroundings and capture them effectively. You can use the 128 GB SD card for more smooth and effective performance. But don’t forget to do the Aukey 4K dashcam format for the SD card. Moreover, you can take help from the manual to know the technical specification of the camera.

Camera LED and its indicators

On the rear panel of the camera, you will find three LED status lights that face outside the camera. Also, it helps you to know if the Aukey dash camera is properly working or not. Another LED light faces inside and also has an on-screen indicator. If you wish to turn off the camera then you need to visit the setup of the camera and then tap on the detect LED menu. Now select the off button and press OK.

  • The camera outward LED status indicator is solid green, which means that the camera is ON.
  • The camera inward LED status indicator is solid green or off then it means the camera is ON but it is not recording anything.
  • If the outward LED status indicator is flashing green and inward LED is also flashing green and the screen indicator is flashing red LED then it means the camera is ON and effectively recording everything.

This is how you can check whether your camera is working or not. If the inward LED indicator is ON or in a solid position then it will operate as normal and provide an Aukey 1080p dashcam with the stunning video quality.

Buttons on the Camera device

On the panel of the camera, you will find different buttons. You should have the knowledge of the buttons, if you don’t know about it then read this article.

  • An exigency video recording button. Press that button and return to the previous menu. It is also used to return to the playlist menu and to stop the video.
  • A view playlist button that you can short press to view the video and long press to turn on or off the audio. It also helps to move up, delete or rewind the video.
  • Press the setup menu button for a short time and be willing to take a snapshot then long-press the button. It also helps to move down the menu. You can also lock or unlock the camera with a fast video forwarding feature.
  • An OK button that helps to turn on or off the screen. You can also press it to enter or to confirm some information. It also helps to play and pause the video.
  • A Reset button, press that button shortly to reset the camera or to restart the device. It won’t affect your saved recordings or files.
Aukey Dash Cam Installation

After perceiving basic information about the Aukey dash cam, now it’s time to install the camera in your car. Before you install the camera you have to take some basic or safety precautions that can protect your device and the car from any big damage. Do not place the camera incorrectly and for that, you have to follow the installation process in a proper sequence.

  • Place the camera in the top center of the windshield which faces ahead.
  • You can also adjust the movement of the lenses.
  • Also, use the cable clips so that you can fix the camera conveniently and then connect to the changer.
  • Afterward, you need to power on the camera and then insert it into the car’s socket.
  • Use the cable and then connect to the car charger via a USB mini-B port.
  • After you p[ower on the camera, it will start functioning automatically.
  • If you want to power off the camera then you have to disconnect the USB mini-B cable from the port.
  • Make sure that you will use the AUKEY DR02 J cable for the optimum performance of the camera.

>Aukey 4K Dash Cam Setup

With the Aukey dashcam app, you can do the setup by using the wifi. After installing the camera into the car, now look into the setup of the camera.

  • When you turn on the car then the camera will automatically turn on.
  • On the camera screen, the initial step is to choose a language.
  • After that enter the data and time and if you do not format the micro SD camera then you have to insert or format it first.
  • The camera screen is only 1.5 inches and the menu icons are very sharp.
  • Once all the settings are confirmed then confirm the resolution and the loop timings etc.
  • Now you can check the video on your mobile phone as well after connecting to the app.

Try these steps for the setup of the camera. If we talk about the app then both the app of the Aukey camera got poor reviews. You can use the camera without wifi. Overall it is very reliable to install and build in good quality.

Aukey 4K Dash Cam Troubleshooting Tips

Here are the Aukey 4k dash cam troubleshooting tips so that while installing if you got stuck in between the process then these tips may help you. You can try these tips to troubleshoot the Aukey dash cam problems effortlessly.

How to reset the Aukey dash cam?

On the camera panel, you will find a reset button. Press that button shortly and you can see that your device restarts itself. It means the reset is successfully done. If the Aukey dash cam keeps resetting then you need to check the lithium-ion battery or faulty capacitor. The cam saves its energy to save the last residue file and then it is automatically turned off. If your cam has enough space and is still powered off then you can try the Aukey dash cam battery replacement process.

Why does the Aukey dash cam keeps restarting?

The Aukey car camera 4k dashcam is continuously restarting, which means the problem exists with the main power source in the car. You can get rid of this problem by checking the power cable, hardwiring cable, or battery pack accessory. Make sure that these devices are properly installed or connected with the cam properly.

Why does the Aukey dash cam not record anything?

If you are also facing this kind of problem then the problem is with the SD card. Make sure that the SD card has been formatted or inserted into the dashcam properly. If it is still unable to record the video then it means the memory of the SD card is full now. Now you need to change the SD card or insert the new 128 GB SD card inside the camera.

How to enable the Aukey dash cam parking mode?

The Aukey dash camera has the ability to record the video while you are parking the car. Therefore, this feature is called the parking mode in the cam language. You can enable the parking mode during the parking of the car to avoid a mishap that happens in the parking lot. While parking it can record the incidents such as when you forget to put the brake on the card or door dings or any other kind of incident.

Try these tips to troubleshoot the problems, if you have any other problems then you can use the Aukey dash cam manual for brief help.

Aukey dash cam review

The Aukey dash cam 4k ultra HD screen with the P version of the device. You can use its app to set up the camera and operate it with a mobile device. But the app doesn’t work great, you can use the device without wifi and it still works very well. It is a small wedge-shaped camera with an adhesive mount wall feature. It also works effectively during the night and is on standby at any harsh temperature. Overall, it is a good experience of being an Aukey can user.


How to turn off the dashcam?

Hold the button on the device for a long time and when you hear that music and see 60 my and 70 my logo and then you can release the button. Hence, the camera will turn off.

Why does the screen show “Aukey dash cam Custer size wrong please format it?”>/h6>

This means that the memory card format has not to be processed by the scanner of the camera. This commonly happens with the new memory card. Make sure that you have backed up the data before you change the old SD card with the new SD card.

How to format an Aukey dash cam?

Go to the settings and then select the memory card. Windows accepts the device and then chooses the format option. Afterward, you can format the SD card. Also, ensure that the SD card is fully formatted and ready to use and now you can use it.

Why is the Aukey dash cam always on?

You can turn off the device if you find it always on. If it is constantly turned on then it means it is consuming the power of the battery and it impacts the memory of the SD card.

How does the Aukey dash cam turn off the screen?

Go to the settings of the camera and then tap on the screen saver settings. On the menu bar you can see three options, tap on the button and the camera will turn off the screen while recording the video.

What is the Aukey dash cam yellow triangle?

A yellow triangle means a trigger warning that after opening the camera you won’t be able to find the menu. The camera stops running.

What is the meaning of the Aukey dash cam memory error?

It simply means that the device has come across an error with the memory card and it can’t record the video.

What is the process of the Aukey dash cam window mount?

First, you need to remove the protective plastic from the suction cup. Don’t forget to clean the windshield with rubbing alcohol. Also, clean the suction cup with alcohol. Now apply moisture to the cup to create a better seal. Afterward, open the lever and then place it on the windshield. Now close the lever to lock onto the place. Hence, take the mount and press it to the suction cup until it snaps to the place. Now simply attach the device by fitting the tab on the top of the mount into the slot of the back of the device.

What is the Aukey dash cam wifi password?

The wifi password to access the dashcam app is 123456####.

How to update the Aukey dash cam firmware?

For the firmware update, you need to turn off the camera first. Then insert the memory card and turn on the power of the device. Also, turn on the engine of the car. Hence, press the OK button, and the firmware starts to update the device. Therefore, the camera will automatically update.

What are the Aukey dash cam instructions before installation of the cam?

The safety instructions that you should follow are that place at that place where you can avoid falls. Also keep the camera away from the heat, liquid, or magnetic fields. Also, avoid touching the sensors or lenses of the camera. Always keep important videos or files saved in the backup and save your data from any kind of loss.

How to find the best place to fix the Aukey dash cam?

The best place to install the camera is in the center of the windshield or behind the rearview mirror.

Does the dash cam work during the night?

Yes, it works during the night and also captures movements with its night HDR resolution. But it impacts the battery consumption of the camera.