Arlo camera doorbell: Setup, Issue, Troubleshooting

In the era of concern with residential security, Arlo brought to us a range of cameras that can be set on the main door to inspect all the incoming guests irrespective of armed/disarmed. It comes with a built-in siren and the ability to trigger video calls on detecting any motion.

Now using Arlo door cam, you can get a clear 180° view of who is knocking at the door. Also, you can watch him in an HD video, what he is doing while waiting for you to open the door. Even you can speak to him by virtue of its two-way audio communication. in fact, you can also response through a pre-record reply. For example, if any unwanted salesperson is at your door, you can simply ignore by a “NO” message recorded for any such undesired guests. This is more important while you ar work or engaged in meetings and cannot entertain the guest in person.

See events before they happen with Arlo Foresight: see video prior to every motion-triggered video recording, so you never miss a moment.

Arlo video doorbell

Arlo wireless video doorbell has an additional AI-based feature, viz. Arlo Foresight by means of which you can watch the video even before the event is trigger or is suppose to happen. Isn’t it really exciting? Not only this, but this weather-proof Arlo video doorbell is also enable with night vision. It is capable of sending videos directly to Arlo base-station or Smarthub

Arlo video doorbell dimensions

Wired Arlo video doorbell along with the chime requires voltage ranging from 16V AC to 24V AC and a 10Va Transformer. It comes with a black faceplate and white trim that enhances its outlook. It is 5 by 1.7 by 1 inch. This 3-d size seems to make it look larger but that won’t land you in any trouble to mount it on any doorframe.

arlo doorbell camera installation

Get rid of your traditional doorbell and install Arlo doorbell camera easily:

arlo doorbell camera
  1. Unbox the doorbell, you may get the mounting kit as part of the in-box accessory.
  2. With the help of mounting wedge, position the bell camera at the right angle so as to capture each entry/exit near the door.
  3. Switch on the power for the breaker.
  4. Make sure the LED towards the front of the Arlo Video Doorbell blinks white. If it is steady amber, then check if the transformer has a voltage of 16-24V AC. In case if the LED does not turn on, then allow 1 minute to reboot. If it does not turn on even after 2 minutes, then cross-check the wired connections. Often it may turn amber and white alternatively, which implies low voltage.

Arlo video doorbell price

While Arlo audio-only doorbells were as cheap as 55$, video doorbells are little on the higher side, ranging from 139$ to 390$.

Doorbell camera not working

There may be several reasons behind the malfunctioning of the Arlo doorbell camera. The motion detection tab has to be mark black and not gray. The camera should be armed. Sometimes fluctuating power connections may also damage it.

Arlo doorbell cam not recording

  1. Remove the battery from the camera and take out the device from the system. Now restart it.
  2. If the issue is due to a low power supply from the transformer, then replace the latter with a higher voltage one. You may require to activate bypass mode from the Arlo Power Kit.
  3. Also, make sure that your trial subscription has not expired. In such eventuality, you need to purchase subscriptions for Arlo Smart to save the recordings.

Video doorbell subscription cost

Arlo Smart runs on subscription-based plans which are of nominal cost. Arlo Smart plans start at $3 per month for each camera. The later versions of Arlo cameras like Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, and Video Doorbell has a trial period post which you have to subscribe to the existing plans. Without any subscription, you can add 5 cameras at max to a single Arlo account for live streaming, and receive motion/audio warnings. Besides, you can purchase services to store 4K videos in the Arlo cloud so that you can view later at your convenience.

Does Arlo’s doorbell also come as hardwired?

In around 10 minutes, you can setup a wired Arlo Video Doorbell. You just need the wired doorbell and chime set up along with the electrical wiring for Arlo video doorbell setup.

How much is Arlo doorbell camera local storage

In order to store the Arlo doorbell camera locally, connect a USB device to your Arlo base station or SmartHub. But you cannot store all recordings in a similar fashion. This free local storage is for auto-triggered recordings only. Manual recordings get saved to the cloud.

Are Arlo doorbell cameras prone to theft?

These cameras are mount on the exterior of your main door, so they are easy prey to technically expert thieves. Also, there is no insurance neither the warranty cover stolen or lost devices. So as soon as you notice a theft, file an FIR at the local police station.

Do we have night vision in Arlo cameras?

Of course, Arlo cameras blink red dots when they emit through infrared LEDs. This helps in night vision. You can enable or disable this feature from the app.

Does Arlo record all the time?

By means of continuous video recording (CVR) feature, you can enable recording round the clock. This feature is available in all the latest models and baby cameras but not in Arlo Pro and Arlo Wire-Free cameras.

Arlo doorbell camera wireless

These wireless cameras are easy and quick to configure. Yet they come with a high-quality video and 24/7 motion detection though at a higher cost.

How come the new Arlo battery died so fast?

The battery in the Arlo video doorbell cameras gets exhaust fast due to frequent intervention with the signal because of the relative position of the camera with respect to the base and router. Locate the access point smartly so that the router does not get in between the Arlo base and the camera.

Do Arlo cameras have a siren?

Yes, the latest models of Arlo doorbell cameras like Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 cameras come with an in-built siren which can be configure to auto-trigger or manually activate on detecting any motion. Just follow a few simple steps to set up the siren:

  1. Log into your Arlo account at or launch the Arlo app.
  2. Slide the marker at the top which displays the Alarm button. Tap it.
  3. Press Yes to turn on the siren.
Arlo cameras

Can Arlo be hacked?

Unfortunately yes! Some severe loopholes have been discovered in Arlo Wireless Security Cameras. Due to this, any potential hacker can earn access to your cameras which puts your home security susceptible to a serious threat.

What is the difference between Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro 3?

With each new release, Arlo is just getting better in terms of video quality and coverage. For example, the Pro3 owns a 2K HDR sensor which records at 1440p, while the Pro 2 records at 1080p HD quality. Also, the latter covers 130° view which got enhance to 160° view in Pro 3.

Do Arlo cameras pick up sound?

Yes, all Arlo cameras except the Wire-Free model are capable of video cum audio recording. Only Arlo Wire-Free cameras record audio-less videos.

What does Arlo listening do?

Arlo doorbell cameras are enable with Always Listening feature which acts as a third eye for you. You can keep that ear open incessantly to any happenings near the Arlo Baby even if your mobile screen is lock. This is a mobile-first feature, not available for the web version. You can disable it from the app if not required.

Arlo Doorbell Camera Review

Arlo once a subsidiary of Netgear, now an individual entity has brought to us a wide range of doorbell smart-cameras that are large by size but sleek by design. The Arlo cameras not only detect motion and unusual objects but also recognize in-person unlike other smart cameras of the same range from different brands. It can differentiate between animals and human beings which is often necessary if the main door is towards the garden or you have a pet at home.

Even you can figure out the vehicle in which the guest arrived. Or is it just a package left by the courier guy. Also, it comes with a trial period, so that you can experience the product in the beginning at absolutely free of cost. Its weather-proof, hence placing it on the main door even without shade is no more an issue. The first-time installation may test your patience but overall it’s a simple configuration.

As its an outdoor setup, there are high chances of theft and the present warranty plan doesn’t cover replacement for stolen Arlo products. As it runs on battery, durability remains a concern compared to the traditional wired cameras. In gist, Arlo doorbell cameras are good to invest in if the price is not your criteria.