Arlo Pro 2 Camera Setup

Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free HD Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 camera by Netgear is one of the best security cameras for both homes and businesses. It is an expanded version of Arlo Pro camera. Netgear is known for its home security and networking products. A brief introduction to features provided with Arlo Pro Camera 2. Arlo Pro 2 Camera is 100% wire-free(free of power cords) and is rechargeable with battery expected life upto 6 months. It can be used both as wired or wireless. It can be used both for indoors or outdoors which is however limited according to wifi router coverage and it is weather-resistant as well.

We can easily view past recordings-Arlo records motion or sound-triggered events and stores them in your cloud library by default and has a free basic subscription which stores your motion detected footage for 7 days.
1080p HD video resolution which means we can enjoy the sharp, crisp, good colored, detailed view. You can tune the exposure up or down. Highlights might show up a bit pixelated on computer screens.

Click here to download the Arlo Pro 2 App. Below mentioned are some arlo pro 2 features

In arlo 2 pro live streaming feature is there. However, we can’t perform continuous recording. We use the Arlo web app for all the controls. It gives 130-degree field viewing angle, glass lens, 8x digital zoom, two-way audio features to communicate safely with an outsider at your doorstep. Infrared Night-vision option( can see even in the dark). As local storage, External USB drive (not included with the box) is used which can be attached to the base station. Customized motion and sound detection, alerts(instant push notifications on your phone and/or email. Activity zones can be chosen( we can cut out the area which we don’t need to record).

arlo pro 2 setup

The geofencing feature is for automatic turning the system on and off according to your presence. The operating temperature range is -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 45 degrees Celsius). Works with – Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, Stringify, Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV, Arlo smart home security lights, Apple HomeKit and Wink.

ARLO PRO 2 Installation

To complete your ARLO PRO 2 SETUP procedure you will need to first put in the batteries into the cameras while paying attention to the battery polarity and also plug in the base station. Next, download the Arlo app from the play store or the app store and create an Arlo account using your email address. Next, follow the instructions to complete your ARLO PRO 2 log in to set up your account and confirm your email address. When you are done with that, wait for the app to detect your base station and connect to it. When it does you are ready to sync your cameras to your base station.

More Steps for Installation

Always make sure that you sync only one camera pod at once to avoid connection issues. Gently press the sync button on the base station until it lights up green. This is your signal that the base station is ready to sync.

Then press the sync button on top of the Pro 2 camera until it flashes blue and waits for it to sync. If sync is successful it will flash blue quicker than before. If it starts flashing yellow, it denoted that the sync has failed and you will need to do it again. After syncing your cameras simply place them on a flat surface as they have a flat base or mount then on a wall using the wall mounts provided in the package. The cameras are entirely wireless and have long battery life. You have successfully completed your Arlo setup and are good to go. This whole procedure can also be found in the ARLO PRO 2 MANUAL present in the package.

For all the below operations, we have to open the Arlo app first.

If on a computer, we need to go to link and for mobile, we will use the Arlo app. This would open the Devices page.

Arlo Pro 2 Issues

Let’s take a look at a few FAQs before we move forward with our opinion on the Arlo Pro 2.

How to view Camera feeds?

arlo pro 2
  1. On Arlo Pro 2 camera we can view the camera feeds anytime by using the Arlo app.
  2. Now we shall view and click the live feed by clicking on LIVE on camera feed image. Now we have 5 options with the live stream image.
  3. We can stop the live feed using the Pause icon.

How to use the Pan and Zoom video feature?

  1. To focus on high definition details of any live or recorded video, we will use Pan and zoom options. It’s a simple pinch and drag tool.
  2. Go to the Library option to see a calendar.
  3. Now click on that video from the library you want to pan and zoom. It can be live or prerecorded video.
On Mobile

For zoom in and out we use a Pinch gesture and for moving around the zoomed-in frame, we touch and drag.

On computer

For zoom in and out we click the Zoom icon and for moving around the frame, we can use the mouse.

How to use prebuffering i.e. Look Back video?

  1. Prebuffering feature on Arlo Pro 2 camera records 3 seconds before the motion happens.
  2. We will have to first setup this.
  3. After we have Arlo Pro 2 camera plugged in and the camera is using a motion detection mode, subscribe to a CVR plan. Now prebuffering will happen.

How can you record clips from Live video?

  1. Clive on Live option in camera feed image. The camera feed will show up at the bottom of the image.
  2. Tap on Record video. It’s live recording when the light is turn red.
  3. Stop and save the recording by clicking on the Record video option.

How to take a Snapshot from Live Video?

  1. Click on Live option in camera feed image. The camera feed will show up at the bottom of the image.
  2. Click on Snapshot now to click and save snapshot in library.

How to use Talk and listen to options?

arlo pro 2 setup
  • Click on Live option in camera feed image. The camera feed will show up at the bottom of the image.
  • Click on the Microphone option to open the Microphone button. The button should turn Green in about 5 seconds which ensures that Talk and Listen are ready now.
  • We can use a Microphone button and speak while clicking and keeping it on hold.

Steps to control the camera feed image:

  1. When we use more than one camera, we need to decide the order in which camera feeds show up on Devices page. We can zoom, invert and rotate the camera feed.
  2. So to change the camera order.
  3. First, go open Settings.
  4. You can find the Device Order option under System. This will show up a list of devices in some order.
  5. On mobile devices, we can use the Edit option which is located at the top of the page.
  6. Now right click the List icon and drag the camera to the correct position on the list.
  7. Click Done and your settings are saved.

Want to zoom a Camera Image?

arlo pro 2
  1. Click on Settings. Go to My Devices to show the list of devices.
  2. Now click on camera to open camera settings.
  3. Also click on video settings.
  4. Under Activity Zones, click on Zoom.
  5. Resize and position the image box.
  6. Now click Zoom and your settings are saved.

How to Invert a camera feed?

  1. Go to Settings, choose My devices to see the list of devices.
  2. Click on camera also for camera settings.
  3. Select video settings for video settings page.
  4. Also hit on Rotate image.
  5. Now we have inverted camera image.

Why does it show the message ARLO PRO 2 OFFLINE?

This problem may arise due to a drainage of battery or depletion of power in a wireless connection. This may also be cause by a bad internet connection or a Wi-Fi range problem in connecting with the base station. The battery should be regularly checked which is easy as the application shows you the battery percentage. You should have a strong and range wifi connection in order to get the most out of the Arlo pro 2. If all these measures are taken then the problem can be evicted.


This problem may arise if you have no space left on the cloud storage or for not having subscribed to a storage plan from Arlo. It may also happen due to damage in the cameras or the base station. If it is not a physical damage error and a more internal technical one, it can most probably be solve by resetting the device or charging them to their full.


The Arlo Pro 2 batteries have a specific life span. After the end of their life span, they will also need to be replaced. Failing to do which will cause the batteries to start off issues like inability to charge and internal battery matter leakage which total bad thing for the device. Be sure to check your camera batteries regularly.

What is Arlo Pro 2 Range?

The ARLO PRO 2 RANGE is a bit higher than an estimated 300 feet in the link of sight when wireless. The camera is quite powerful and can work for a long time wirelessly. The ARLO PRO 2 BATTERY LIFE depends on the type of settings and usage. It also does possess a 2440 mAh battery which is rechargeable and would not need a replacement for a minimum of a year or more for optimum performance. Darkness is never a stopper for the Arlo Pro 2 as it has an IR night vision mechanism and 890 nm LED lights that help it see up to 25 feet into pitch-black darkness.


Well, not exactly. It has a weather resistance rating and you don’t have to worry about getting it an umbrella but it doesn’t exactly do good with swimming. The ARLO PRO 2 ACCESSORIES include the camera pods themselves, a base station to connect all the cameras to basically forming a mesh surveillance system, connection wires, magnetic wall mounts, and charging pods.

arlo setup

An effective and efficient surveillance camera with a broad spectrum of features spread on a calculated base of customer requirements and needs. It also a very affordable and you can easily get arlo pro camera setup. I would always want to go for this one over anything else. Basically what more can I ask when I have a rotating camera that senses motion, works both indoors and outdoors, has a good battery life, has cloud storage, has magnetic wall mounts, and whatnot. Why wouldn’t I want a night vision camera that can be adjust to activity zones resting on my preferences and accessibility? It is a total day and night watchman giving you an around the daily report of whatever goes on in its line of sight.

In my opinion, Arlo Pro 2 cam is an excellent addition to your new home infrastructure. Looking at features and work capabilities the device in itself holds up a must-buy card. Its crystal clear vision removes those “back in the day” images of conventional half eyes surveillance cameras that couldn’t even also show you what went by and you would have to deduce by yourself if it was a cat or a crouching human being. Bad days weren’t they? But it’s long gone now. Bid those old busted eyed surveillance cameras goodbye and bring home a piece of the future when you buy an Arlo Pro 2 smart surveillance camera.