Arlo Go 2 Camera

The Arlo Go 2 camera is a flexible high definition smart device that delivers wireless security with LTE and WiFi connectivity except for connecting with a hub. It is a [perfect camera for those who need high security as well as all-day monitoring especially in areas without having power and a WiFi network. You can monitor RV, homes, offices, construction sites, or even in remote spots. Crucial for the moments when the network is not stable, an LTE connection can provide security to your property capturing every single moment. It offers you to view and record HD videos all over the day.
The integrated spotlight allows you to view even in dark night. Just place your camera with GPS location and render the stored video in a local storage SD card. With Arlo Secure your phone, directly access the video and do much more. As this camera is truly wireless, you don’t need to install it using complicated wires and can be mounted wherever you need. Ideal for installing in an outdoor location as it is apt to withstand harsh conditions such as snow, rain, dust, etc. The features of the Arlo Go 2 wireless security camera are as follows.

Arlo Go 2 Camera Features

The well-known features of the Arlo Go 2 security camera are as follows.

  • The Arlo go camera is designed for security purposes to keep an eye on the action whenever even in dark lights.
  • The video quality it delivers is 1080p high definition by which you can clearly view or monitor the videos.
  • Get rid of installing it with complicated wires. It is a truly wireless security camera. Thereby easy to install and on the location wherever you want with weather-resistant features.
  • The inbuilt microphone and speaker allow you to do a two-way talk with your close ones.
  • Get instant alerts on the app whatever the action is done including the illegal activities. The setup instructions of the Arlo camera are as floors.

Arlo Go Verizon setup

Unbox the Arlo Go 2 security camera and bring out all the equipment including the battery, camera, user manual, screws, sim card, wall mount, and indoor charging wire. You need a screwdriver separately to harden the screws. You can call the local sim provider to activate the plan if the sim card is not included in the package box. But if a WiFi network is available in that area, then the sim card is not required. Here are the steps which guide you to install and set up the Arlo camera.

Download the Arlo app

  • Firstly, explore the Arlo app on your app store or Play Store explore box and hit enter.
  • Now tap the install or get an icon. Once downloaded, launch the Arlo app. If you did not previously have an account, then touch the sign-up icon.
  • Fill in your own details like first name, last name, passphrase, and email address. Now agree with Arlo privacy and terms by ticking it and hitting signup. Check your mailbox and verify the account.
  • But if you previously had an Arlo account, then simply log in with an email address and passphrase.
  • Tap add a new device on the new interface.
  • Pick the Arlo model to Arlo Go 2 and go after the ongoing instructions.

Establish the Network Connection

  • Thumb down the button available underneath the camera to loosen the housing.
  • If you are using the LTE plan, then it’s time to insert the sim card into the camera. Push the sim card into the camera compartment until it sounds like a clicking voice.
  • If you want to add more storage to your camera, you can insert the microSD card straight into the camera. It will store more videos.
  • Insert the battery into the camera first before progressing to make a network connection.
  • Replace the housing and push it by using a firm force.
  • Stop pushing when it sounds like a clicking voice. If the Arlo Go 2 LED light blinks blue, then move forward. But it does not, then uncase the housing and push the sync button available underneath the camera.
  • Once the Arlo camera LED ligh>t blinks blue, locate the QR code on the app at six inches distance from the camera front.
  • The front face of the camera should be towards the QR code. Once the camera detects Qr code, success shows on the app interface.
  • On the new interface, define the camera name and run after the Arlo gon instructions. It will validate the firmware update. It may take several minutes.

Position Your Arlo Go Verizon Camera

Ensure that the WiFi signal, as well as the LTE network, will reach the area where you want to install the camera. Keep in mind that wherever you install the camera, it will catch all the area at a perfect angle.

  • Using the wall mount and screws, you can mount the camera on any horizontal level surface whether it is indoors or outdoors.
  • Clean the area or the wall where you wish to install the camera. It should be an even surface
  • Locate the wall mount into the level surface and point to the spot where you have to drill to put the screws.
  • Drill the marked spots and put the screws. Harden, it to secure the mounting surface.
  • Now set the camera into the wall mount by rotating it in the clockwise direction.
  • Once strongly mounted, the Arlo Camera setup has been completed. The login procedure of the Arlo Go 2 security camera is as follows.

Arlo Camera Login

You can access the Arlo login interface with an Arlo app. To chase the login interface, go after these effortless steps.

  • Firstly, search for the Arlo app on your App Store or Play Store explore box and touch enter.
  • After that, touch the install or get an icon. Once downloaded, start the Arlo app.
  • The new interface with login presents. Type the email address and passphrase you set up while making the Arlo ID for the first time. You can also visit to reach the Arlo camera login page.
  • After entering the credentials, hit log in. That’s it, the Arlo camera app login interface has been achieved. The Arlo Verizon go HD security camera troubleshooting tips and tricks are as follows.

Arlo Go 2 Camera Troubleshooting

Facing an issue while using the camera is common. Now now, but you are going to face it once while using it. These are the common or well-known issues that users will face mostly.

Arlo Camera not connecting to WiFi
  • Disconnect the camera from the WiFi connection and connect to it again.
  • Get sure that you are entering an accurate WiFi passphrase. Arlo cameras should be in the signal of the WiFi network.
  • Unplug the camera and reinsert the sim card into the compartment and check it. Assure that you had inserted a sim card having a data plan into the camera.
  • Thumb down the sync button available underneath the camera.
  • If none of the above tips works and still shows Arlo Camera offline on the app, check the firmware update.
Arlo Camera not working
  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Note that it is properly connected to the WiFi network or the LTE sim card is inserted accurately into the compartment.
  • Push the sync button available at the bottom of the camera.
  • Change the battery. Maybe it is creating an issue.
  • Remove the camera from the Arlo app settings. Move to the My devices option and sync it.
  • Check the firmware on the Arlo app. If available, then update it.
  • The final solution is to reset it.
Arlo Go 2 reset

To do the Arlo Go 2 camera factory reset while it is connected to the cloud. These are the following steps that should be taken to do the Arlo camera reset.

  • Launch the Arlo app or chase the URL website from the web interface.
  • Now tap settings and then my device.
  • Pick Arlo Go Verizon camera from the list and tap to remove it.
  • Now touch yes to prove that you are removing the Arlo 4g security camera.
How to reset Arlo camera offline?

But if the device is not powered on or indicates Arlo camera offline, then you can reset via the sync button. To do it, here are the guidelines that you should obey.

  • Find the sync button on the Arlo camera. It should be positioned on the bottom.
  • Push and force the sync button for about fifteen to eighteen seconds.
  • Verify that the Arlo camera blue light blinks. If yes, then chase the website or the append remove the device.
  • You can remove it by touching the settings option and later selecting my device.
  • Choose Arlo 4g Verizon camera from the menu and touch to remove it.
  • Tap yes to verify that you are excluding the Arlo 4g security camera from the app.
Arlo firmware update not working

The Arlo go 2 camera firmware update can be done chasing the website or by Arlo app. Next, visit settings and then my device. Later pick an Arlo Go surveillance camera and tap on device info. Now select the firmware update and remain quiet until the camera has been updated. But what happens if the firmware update is not working? Here are the solutions.

  • First, keep in mind that you should not leave the app while the update is in process.
  • Stay in the WiFi range if your camera is connected to the WiFi network.
  • Evade pushing the sync button on the Arlo camera during the firmware update process.
  • Restart the camera if the firmware update fails.
  • Verify the battery status. It should be fully charged.
  • Reset the device and attempt the firmware update again.
  • Contact the Verizon Arlo go support team by filling a ticket.
Arlo go 2 not reading QR code

If Arlo go won’t read QR code, then try the following tips and tricks.

  • Position your mobile phone or tablet closer to the QR code. The camera should be moved further to the mobile app interface slowly. Use different angles to scan the QR code.
  • Do not scan on dark nights or avoid bright lights.
  • The alternate solution is to take the picture of the Wr code and then scan it.
  • Check if the other device is scanning the QR code or not.
  • Remove the dust or smudge if accumulated in the camera lens.
  • Close the Arlo app and reopen it again.

Arlo Go Review

Purchased this Arlo camera last month. It is a genius device that should be purchased for your home or office. The video quality it passes is a high definition by which you can surely observe or inspect the videos. The integrated spotlight permits you to observe even on hidden nights. Just put your camera with GPS location and provide the saved video in a local storage SD card. It is essential for the times when the network is not constant, an LTE connection can present safety to your business or premises capturing all moments. It gives you to observe and record HD videos all across the day. Overall, a perfect camera with easy installation. I highly suggest the users purchase it.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

Arlo, the brand new and reliable camera brand in the world.

Q2. How to reset the camera if it is not turning on?

See for the sync button on the Arlo 4g security camera. It should be placed on the base. Thumb down or press the sync button for approximately fifteen to eighteen seconds. Test that the Arlo camera blue light blinks. If it is, then follow the URL or the app to remove the camera. It can be removed by visiting the settings selection and following picking my device. Prefer Arlo camera from the table and tap to remove it. Touch yes to confirm that you are excluding the Arlo camera from the Arlo app.

Q3. Does this camera record in 1080p resolution?

Yes, the Arlo Go 2 camera records in 1080p resolution.

Q4. Does it save the videos?

Yes, the recorded videos are saved in cloud storage. Nevertheless, you can also insert the memory card in the slot to save on that.

Q5. Does it connect with WiFi?

Yes, it connects with the WiFi network.

Q6. Does this device come with an inbuilt speaker and microphone?

Yes, the Arlo Verizon Go 2 HD security camera comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone which allows you to do two-way communication.

Q7. How to update the Arlo Go 2 camera firmware?

The Arlo camera firmware update can be performed following the URL or by the Arlo app. Following, reach settings and next to my device. Later pick Arlo camera and tap on device info. Now select the firmware update and remain quiet until the camera has been updated.

Q8. Can I connect this camera with Bluetooth?

No, you can connect the Arlo camera with an app using a WiFi connection or sim card.