Arlo camera sync button not working

Securing your home with a surveillance system is never a bad idea. You can know what’s happening in your absence at your home or other places of priority from wherever you are. If you have installed the Arlo surveillance cameras then you really don’t have to worry about a lot. The setup is easy and ways of handling the cameras are also convenient so there wouldn’t be any trouble at all. There might be a few issues that you may face while setting up the camera. Let’s take a look into these issues including the one mentioned above and also the ways that we can employ in order to solve them. Here is the details of your Arlo camera sync button not working process.

Not having enough charge in the cameras battery.

If you have less than 15 per cent of charge in your wireless Arlo camera them there are high chances that your camera will not be able to pair up and sync with your surveillance systems base station. If you want to avoid this problem then you will need to have a minimum of 15 per cent charge on the Arlo camera so that it can sync with the base station without any trouble. I would recommend having a full charge so it decreases the chances of a sync problem to almost zero. Let’s get to the next reason for this problem.

Not pressing the sync button properly.

When you press the Arlo camera sync button you are supposed to feel the click of the button. If you do not happen to feel that then it basically means that you are pressing the button a bit too loosely and therefore the function of syncing is not starting. Therefore make sure that you hear a clicking sound and feel when you press the sync button. If you don’t then you will simply need to press the button harder. That should solve the problem. Let’s dive into further possible scenarios.

Not pressing the sync button for the adequate time required

If you simply press and leave the Arlo camera sync button mechanism doesn’t start right away and this might create the problem mentioned above. Therefore simply try to press the sync button on the camera for about 10 seconds or at least until the LED suggests that the syncing has started. This should solve the problem right away as the camera syncs in with the base station automatically after that. That being said let’s see what else could cause this trouble.

Not having the Arlo camera in range with the base station.

If you’re camera is too far away from your base station when you press the sync button there are high chances that you will face trouble trying to sync your camera to the base station. It is highly advisable to have the camera is about 2 feet range or less of a radius of the base station. This will ensure the nullification of any range problem that may probably have a part in hindering the syncing mechanism. If all of these are not one of the reasons that cause your sync problem then we still do have solutions. Let’s take a look into solutions for non detectable problems.

Power cycling the base station and the camera.

Make sure that the camera and base station have a good power supply and charge respectively. The base station may also pose problems with syncing if it is connected to a loose power supply therefore making sure that the power supply is stable makes the risk a lot less. Running a power cycle for the base station is pretty easy. First remove the power supply cable and wait for 30 seconds. Then plug it in again and wait for all the LED lights to blink and stabilize. After this you can remove the batteries from your camera and then put them in again. After doing this you can try syncing the camera again. It should work fine now. If it still doesn’t work you can try two more ways to make it work.

Resetting the surveillance device to its factory settings.

As we know the Arlo cameras have in app support. Therefore you will be able to find a reset to factory settings button in the application downloadable on your mobile device. Once you are connected to your base station with your mobile application you can press the reset to factory settings button and it will start the process right away. After the process is complete it is advisable to run a power cycle as directed above for the best results. This should be able to solve the problem. If it still doesn’t then you can a last resort.

Trying to update the firmware

Sometimes an outdated firmware may create problems for you in syncing your device to your base station. This trouble can be easily evaded by regularly updating your device firmware. This option can be found on your application on your mobile device. Simply go to the settings many and choose the button that says check for firmware updates. You can easily download and install them without any hassle. Once the updates are up and running you will see that the device will restart to apply the updates. After that you can try syncing your camera to your base station and it should work fine.

A simple suggestions

Always makes sure that you sync one camera at a time with your base station. Trying to sync multiple cameras at once can hinder the syncing procedure and cause problems therefore it is advisable to only sync one camera at a time. The Arlo line of cameras are extremely useful and consistent in their performance making them a perfect surveillance device. They can be the eyes on your back watching out for any mishaps when you are absent from your places of concern. If you are out there searching for an ideal surveillance device with the perfect features, the Arlo line of surveillance cameras setup can be your go to partner. You will able to finish the Arlo camera sync button not working issue.