Arlo 3 Floodlight Camera

Just now, the Arlo 3 Floodlight Camera (FB1001) is expressly an ingenious smart security camera. It is intended with the latest generation technologies and this Arlo manufacturing company always manufactures the latest technology camera. From which, this Arlo Floodlight wireless Pro 3 smart security camera is also a device that has been arriving with the extended technologies. It is an outdoor Pro 3 wireless camera. It has come up with a unique light-up connected camera device. The Arlo Pro 3 wireless security camera is on the market for the first time on the date of February 15, 2020.

This award-winning Wifi camera arrives under the FB1001-100NAS series. It is Irradiated and allows you to observe the 2K video including the effectual wire-free system. In addition, it also brings the multi-functional wire-free Pro 3 WiFi floodlight camera formed by the eclipse by dazzling indicator LEDs, and a multicultural extraordinary resolution 2K camera. The Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera has compatibility with more voice assistance. It easily works with such assistance as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Ok Google, and SmartThings. Emulate the below delivered furthermore more instructions to installing or resolving this outdoor security camera issues.

Initial steps for the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera installation

Do you know about “how to install the Arlo 3 Floodlight Camera?” and use it. Then, below are the steps for the Arlo Pro 3 installation, you have to follow them in order.

  • First, unbox the Arlo Pro 3 outdoor security camera.
  • Take out the camera and its other accessories such as a quick installation guide, Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera manual, power cable, Arlo Pro 3 wireless camera battery, Arlo camera Pro 3 mounting screws & guide, etc.
  • Let’s take a stretch to install it, so must read the user manual guide instructions first.
  • After that, kindly insert the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera battery (FB1001) under the battery compartment.
  • Now, you will mount this camera on your home outdoor wall or specific areas.
  • Afterwards, go ahead with the Wired connection.
  • Make sure you have mounted this precisely.
  • So, let’s combine it with the power cable and turn on its electrical power, surely it is charged by you using the USB cable.
  • After a while, the signal indicator light of this camera indicates the working status of the power light. If it blinks, that means this is installed impeccably.

Pair Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera using Arlo App

Following are the ways to pair this Floodlight Pro 3 wireless security camera with the Arlo app.

  • Use the Direct QR code of the Arlo Pro 3 security camera to install the Arlo app or you can also install its app via
  • Launch the Arlo app and click on the registration option, if it is not registered.
  • Sign in and finish the process to the Arlo login.
  • During the login process press on the plus (+) or add the device icon to add the Arlo camera.
  • Search your activating Pro 3 Floodlight Wireless smart security camera and pair it.
  • After adding this camera, move under the network settings.
  • Put your network details such as SSID or network password.
  • Surely, this WiFi camera is connected to the internet impeccably.

Arlo Pro 3 Wired Floodlight Camera Setup

Below are some steps of this wireless security camera. Let’s use it.

  • To the Arlo 3 Floodlight Camera (FB1001) configuration, let’s open the wireless outdoor surveillance camera app.
  • Visit under the home security camera settings and choose a setting which you want to change.
  • If you customize your Arlo floodlight settings, then click on the network settings.
  • After this, select the wireless connection band from 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band connection.
  • After choosing it, kindly must update the settings with the save changes option.
  • Modify the more settings of this camera by emulating the on-screen instructions.

So, these are the aforementioned steps that are useful to apply the settings on this Arlo wireless Pro 3 security camera.

Steps for the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security Troubleshooting (FB1001)

Following are the steps to settle all the issues of the Arlo 3 Floodlight Camera. These are below with a decent resolution.

(i) Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera not syncing

Use the following steps for the FB1001 Arlo Pro 3 smart security camera troubleshooting.

  • To resolve it, first and foremost, you have to keep holding or push the sync button.
  • You may keep continuing this process, just for 15 seconds.
  • After fifteen seconds, its signal light will be flashing with a precise signal light.
  • Now, launch an Arlo app or log in with
  • Make sure this device causing the issue is fixed now.
(ii) Arlo Pro 3 camera not connecting or Arlo floodlight Pro 3 camera light not turning on

Here below are the steps to fix the Arlo camera not connecting issue.

  • Turn on the power of the Arlo Pro 3 (FB1001) wireless security camera again.
  • After that, if the signal light of the camera is not flashing then kindly also replace the battery.
  • Now, sync the Arlo camera again and sure that it is connecting now.
  • If this is not connecting yes, then simply use the user manual troubleshooting tips.
(iii) Arlo camera sync button not working

Use the below-mentioned steps to resolve the Arlo Pro 3 sync button not working issue.

  • When the Arlo wireless smarts security light is not syncing with your camera then you have to verify that it is pugging.
  • Moreover, you have to insert the battery of this camera almost with the 15% charging.
  • So, let’s observe the tactile issue by clicking on the Sync button.
(iv) Arlo (FB1001) camera blue light not blinking

These are the steps to fix this Arlo wireless security camera or the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera light won’t come on.

  • At any time, if the Arlo Camera stopped working, Arlo camera had no LED light, Arlo camera blue light blinked once, etc.
  • Then, you have an option to resolve this issue that is the Arlo Pro 3 reset option. Emulate the below steps to reset it.
  • To the camera reset, just long-press on the sync button.
  • Press on this button only for fifteen seconds.
  • After holding this button, just wait for a few seconds.
  • Because the signal light has been flashing perfectly after this reset process.

Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera review (FB1001)

Nowadays, the most trending wireless smart security camera is being used by customers for securing their homes. It is built up with a special light and shows the night view with this intending light very clearly. It gives security alerts on your mobile phone through the Arlo app. Moreover, you can also use the camera with a solar panel. To operate this Arlo Pro 3 (FB1001) floodlight camera with Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice commands devices, just install the app on your mobile phone. This wireless security camera has contained the most significant storage compartment to secure recorded video.

Highlights of the Arlo floodlight camera Pro 3 ((FB1001)

These are the highlights of the features of the Arlo Pro 3 security camera:

  • It is a stable wireless security camera, which secures or protects your home outdoor areas. It is a passionate wireless camera.
  • The design of this wireless smart security camera is working well in any weather or any location.
  • This is a Record video in 2K HDR for a more transparent, undistorted representation. It brings superior brightness.
  • The Arlo Pro 3 Quickly ornaments your home including the 2000-3000 lumens. It Needs the Arlo Outdoor Magnetic Accrediting wire to transmit up over 3000 lumens.
  • It is the 2K Video and HDR high-quality videos using the Color light into the Night Vision with the 2 Way Audio system.
  • Wire-Free wireless security camera that is directly connected to the WiFi without needing the Hub. It captures approximately 160° View and almost Works with Alexa.

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