ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam setup, troubleshooting, and review

The ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam usually works with the superior stereo audio system. This allows it HD webcam for clear and natural sound recording. It is an autofocus 1080P HD webcam that supplies Crisp Image and crystal clear video. This ANTZZON webcam easily captures your all clips with 1080p glory and 30 frames per second. The Versatile 1080P HD webcam generally captures clear video using the USB. Using the webcam you can let’s start the video chats.

It is usually the greatest wireless webcam which is best for boardroom meetings, streaming online videos, telecommuting, or multi-person chats. But it is widely working with Windows 10, Windows 7 or 8, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Android TV, etc. The versatile webcam is compatible with Skype, OBS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. You can easily fix it on your desktop and laptop.

Steps for connecting the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam

It is a 1080p live streaming camera that provides unparalleled perspective wide-angle conditions when you stream online videos or live video chatting & Recording. To connect this camera with your desktop, follow the below steps.

  • Before using it, first, you connect the Antzzon 1080P wireless webcam to your laptop.
  • After this, you can also install the webcam’s software with a new version.
  • Now, you can also open the webcam page through your computer device.
  • Just, Go into all the programs and search the webcam setting menu.
  • Click on it and then add your webcam on your PC, just pairing the devices.
  • Also, turn on the Bluetooth and connect your camera with the device.
  • Find your webcam name through the PC screen and click on it and pair both devices.
  • Also, connect the USB port with a USB cable to connect the wifi network on your device.
  • Now, the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam connects to your laptop.

Thus, ANTZZON wireless webcam is properly connected with Laptop. Now, you can easily use it for your meetings, online video chats or etc.

Steps for login the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam using the app

If you want to use the ANTZZOn webcam, then first you have to activate your webcam. To activate and access, it just follows the below steps.

  • To activating the ANTZZON webcam in Windows 10, just type in your computer windows bar “camera” and then search the “Settings option.”
  • After that, select the “Setting option” and then select the “Privacy” option and activate the camera.
  • After activating it, download the webcam app and after installing it click on the start button and add this camera by pressing on the “+” button.
  • Find and locate this plus sign on your app. It is given at the left of the screen.
  • After adding the webcam, open it and connect it with your Hardware device.
  • Now, hear the ticking sound after adding the camera.
  • You can log in it by entering the username or password.

Thus, the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam login process is finishing up now. Using these steps you can also try to log in to your device.

ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam manual

The ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam manual usually gives the initial Product Specifications such as Item Color: Black, DSP chip: no driver, Image sensor: CMOS, Lens: high-quality five-layer glass lens, High-definition: 2 million pixels or etc. It also describes the wireless webcam’s maximum dynamic resolution: 1920 * 1080P. This is an autofocus 1080P wireless smart HD camera that comes with 5 million pixels and true color images. You can set it up by using the manual. You can bend and stand it accordingly. It is a 30 degrees adjustable camera and moves it into 360-degree rotation. The ANTZZON webcam manual is given very rare information about the webcam. Get from here all information about this.

Steps for ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam setup

The Versatile 1080P USB webcam simply set it up. It is a low-light correction webcam that is clearly seen even in dim light. If you want to change the setting of the webcam follows the below steps.

  • To change the setting, click on your PC windows Start icon.
  • Just, open the webcam app after downloading it. Also, turn on the power of your webcam and then add this camera through the app.
  • After that, log in by using the Email ID or password.
  • Now, the webcam Setting option is available on the PC screen in the upper left corner of the window.
  • From here you can change the ANTZZON 1080P webcam to different settings such as video quality, flicker reduction, and brightness, etc.
  • Now, the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam setup process finishes.

So, these are some steps for the ANTZZON 1080P Webcam setup. If you can also change the setting of your webcam then get the steps to setting up it through here.

ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam troubleshooting tips

Sometimes, the ANTZZON 1080P webcam causes various issues such as not connecting to wifi, not working or so many issues. To troubleshoot all the various issues of this webcam follow the given steps.

  • If ANTZZON Webcam now works, then you can fix it. You can reset it by pressing the power or reset button.
  • You can also fix the ANTZZON 1080P HD Webcam not connecting to wi-fi issues by again connecting the wifi network.
  • Surely, you have to connect the wrong router network.
  • When you log in to it, then it can not log in through the web browser, to fix this problem you can log in again using the correct login credentials.
  • Sometimes, ANTZZON webcam not working in windows 10, then you can fix it by installing the new version on your PC.
  • If you’re ANTZZON webcam not working on zoom, then you can also update your camera firmware with the latest version.

So, these are some steps for the ANTZZON webcam troubleshooting. Fox fixing your webcam issues follow the above-given steps.

ANTZZON 1080P Webcam reviews

I need a webcam which is performing well. After getting many people’s suggestions about purchasing a well-performed webcam. Then all are given suggestions about purchasing the ANTZZON 1080P webcam. You can easily use this camera just by connecting with the monitor and sitting on a table. It is easily installed in any software and in the Windows 10 system. The ANTZZON 1080P webcam review in comparison to others is very good. You can quickly install this webcam and manage it. If your computer has a built-in camera, then you have to just change the default webcam settings.


What can I do about the ANTZZON webcam not being detected?

If your webcam does not detect then open the Device Manager. After that, press and hold your webcam reset button just for three seconds. Just press the ANTZZON webcam reset button. After three seconds, again turn on your webcam and connect the wifi network on it using the USB cable. Now, verify that it captures or not.

Can I use the ANTZZON 1080P webcam on my laptop?

After turning on the power it and attaching it with your laptop. You can open on your PC windows option and add this webcam by pressing on its name. You can also use it by pairing it with the BlueTooth button. Now, you can use this webcam with full privacy.

What can I do if the ANTZZON webcam is not working on Zoom?

If your ANTZZON webcam not working on zoom, then you can restart your webcam. By pressing the power or reset button, you can reset it. Apart from this, if it is not working then you can also update its firmware through the setting menu.