Angelcare Baby Monitor AC527 Setup, Troubleshooting, and Review

The Angelcare Baby Monitor AC527 camera works pretty well and is currently released by China’s most famous manufacturing company. It is not a spendthrift, the Angelcare AC527 price is just $188.88. This detects the baby’s motion and sound with the parent unit. The size of this wireless security surveillance and movement detection camera is very compact, its dimension is 8.5 x 3.2 x 6.7 inches and the Weight is 0.99 Pounds. The Angelcare ac527 sensor pad battery life is the best in comparison to anyone else. This is installed in a minute and you can easily use this wireless camera, especially monitoring your baby motions if you are not available in the home.

This is a wireless camera that provides you peace of mind because it has arrived with the greatest technology. That no-touch technology includes the Wireless Baby Movement Sensor Pad including 4 adaptable sensitivity levels. It is best for Contact-free baby movement and motion detection. The Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor is a baby movement monitor wireless camera that comes with a video and sound feature. This comes with the 5” inches touchscreen Video display on the Parent Unit and that only works with the 2.4 GHz FHSS encrypted network connection. Let’s know through the below “How to work this Angelcare ‎A0527-NA1-A1019 wireless baby movement camera.

Steps for the Angelcare AC527 Camera installation

If you are willing to know about “how to use or install the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Baby Monitor camera?”. Then, let’s know all the installation steps of this camera from below.

(i) Take all the presents Angelcare accessories from its packaging box

Following are the necessary steps to unboxing and obtain this wireless movement detection camera, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • First, unbox the packaging box of this Angelcare camera and gather all the present accessories from its box.
  • The box of this AC527 wireless camera includes some accessories, these are:
    (i) Nursery Unit
    (ii) 2 Stand (for Nursery Unit)
    correctly(iii) 3 2 x AC Adapters
    (iv) 4 Parent Unit
    (v) 5 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (for Parent Unit)
    (vi) 6 Sensor Pad and 7 CR2450 Battery (for Sensor Pad)
    (vii) 8 Hardware (for wall mounting)
    (viii) Angelcare ac527 manual (Quick installation guide), etc.
  • Read all the angelcare ac327 wall mount instructions and set up this wireless device precisely through its user manual.
(ii) Angelcare – Installation of Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit

Here are the following steps to the installation of the Angelcare Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit. It’s all mentioned below.

  • First of all, keep the masonite board supporting the bassinets mattress for the establishment of the sensor pad.
  • Now, keep this Angelcare pad on the upper side of the board and its face up below the board.
  • On this, your baby will sleep and it sustainably detects teh every movement motion of your baby.
  • Now, move the power cable to switch on its power cable from the crib.
  • Kindly attach this sensor pad cable with the parent unit.
  • First of all, put the triple-A regular batteries under the parent unit battery compartment.
  • Now, attach the power cord of the sensor pad with this parent unit power port.
  • Also, combine the Angelcare baby monitor camera power adapter with this parent unit.
  • Plug the power switch of the power adapter into the electrical switch.
  • This Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor camera is working well now. Let’s observe the Sound & Temperature Display on the Camera using the touchscreen display.

Steps for the Angelcare AC527 Camera Setup

If this is installed in a proper manner, then you should change some necessary settings of this wireless movement detector camera. It all is mentioned below.

  • Use the Angelcare large 5” Touchscreen and go under the home screen settings.
  • Let’s see these settings, these are Movement Sensor Pad Activation, 3 Tic Activation, VOX Activation, Sleep Mode Set-Up, 6 Temperature Settings, and change 7 General Settings, etc.
  • Apply the settings to Activate the Nursery Unit display and also 2 Set VOX sensitivity connection.
  • Follow on-screen directions to Set the Nursery Unit speaker volume and 5 Pairing Menu.
  • S, let’s apply all the settings on this wireless camera that’s shown on the screen and save all the settings in the end.
  • Go under the pairing mode and verify the Nursery Unit and Sensor Pad Status Icons. This is shown in green, which means this is paired with your motion sensor perfectly.

The aforementioned steps mentioned above are for the Angelcare ac527 set up or replacing the settings. So, let’s apply it and save it all to use it perfectly.

Steps for the Angelcare ac527 zoom out

Following are the steps to zoom out the wireless baby monitor Angelcare AC527 Camera.

  • Particularly, the Angelcare Baby Monitor AC527 baby movement camera arises with a wireless or digital 1x zoom and pan peculiarity.
  • To pan within the picture, you are required to zoom in greatest. If you want to proceed back to the conventional view then you should only press the zoom button.
  • After this, you should click on the record icon that will present on the screen then simply push the Angelcare AC527 settings to turn back to the foremost screen.
  • You can also change the settings through its settings section if the Angelcare monitor light is too bright.
  • You can enable the settings to the Angelcare ac527 baby movement monitor with video.
  • In the end, kindly save all the settings so that you can use that wireless camera perfectly.

So, these are the aforementioned described steps that help to configure the Angelcare AC527 security Camera Setup and this wireless camera. Let’s use these steps and change the settings.

Steps for the Angelcare AC527 Camera Troubleshooting

If this Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor camera always shows the issues and you are facing the stitch and frustration from this. Then, in the elbow, are some mentioned tips given to resolving all the errors of these wireless devices. Let’s use it and resolve all issues.

1. Angelcare ac327 blank screen

Here are the steps that are described below, that are mentioned for solving this occurring issue.

  • This issue fundamentally occurs due to a slow or weaker internet connection.
  • So, you just reconnect the parent and nursery unit with the powerful connection.
  • Switch off the Nursery Unit & Parent Unit, just for a few seconds.
  • After a while, kindly switch on the unit and press or leave the power button three or four times.
  • The nursery unit will flash with a signal light. This is showing that it is working well.
  • Now, you should reconnect the parent unit and nursery unit using the pairing method and let’s start watching the live videos that are precisely connected now.
2. Angelcare monitor buttons not working

Here are the steps are given below to solve this Angelcare monitor camera.

  • If this is charged favourably then remove the USB cable from its parent unit. If you charge it excessively then it presents these types of issues.
  • In case that is not working yet, then you just replace the battery again in this camera parent unit. After that, kindly insert the batteries again and charge them if it is not charged.
  • Wait for a while, kindly switch on the parent unit by pressing the power button of this device.
  • Ensure that the Angelcare monitor buttons are working now, if this is working well then use it.

3. If the angelcare monitor volume button is not working, then you just restart your parent unit and press the volume button to increase or decrease the volume.

4. If the Angelcare AC527 Camera battery is low or not charging suddenly. Then, in this case, you just unplug the parent unit and remove the batteries. insert the other battery, maybe it is disposed of due to overcharging the batteries.

5. To resolve the Angelcare AC527 sound/camera not working, you just reset the Angelcare AC527 Camera to solve this error.

Angelcare AC527 baby movement monitor with video review

The Angelcare AC527 Camera works pretty well. You can also add the Angelcare ac327 extra camera to start this wireless system perfectly. All the Angelcare accessory camera units are included under the packaging box, you can easily set up this wireless camera by following the instructions of the user manual. Check from Amazon this Angelcare ac527 baby movement monitor with video review. The Amazon platform gives you all the information regarding using this wireless camera. You can also use this Angelcare ac527 night vision camera to detect the movement of the baby. It gives the alert after fifteen minutes if the baby is not moving. So, you can use this with an extra added camera and get the no-touch benefit with this camera.

Angelcare ac527 manual

There are some specific queries under the user manual. Let’s read the Angelcare AC527 Camera manual guide, to answer some questions.

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