Alkivision Wireless Camera Setup

alkivision wireless camera setup guide

The Alkivision Wireless Camera is an outdoor surveillance device that captures video in 1080p HD quality even on dark nights. The camera adjusts the ambient level by itself and boosts the image quality. You can view a 130-degree field in the day as well as at night. In this article today we will learn about Alkvision wireless camera setup.

It is specifically prepared to be installed outdoors. With the IP65 weather-resistant feature, It can tackle every harsh condition such as dust, rain, snow, wind, etc. The rechargeable wireless camera is uncomplicated to install. You can share the account with multiple users to monitor and share the pictures and videos online.

You can observe the real-time info and communicate through visitors with a two-way audio feature. It is provided with night vision and modern PIR motion detection features. It sends notifications to the Alkivison camera app through PIR sensors wherever the motion is detected.

Videos stored in local storage are safe and secure. The additional SD card slot enhances the security camera storage capacity. The security camera is equipped with an inbuilt long-lasting battery. It operates for around one to six months when completely charged. Lets learn Alkvision wireless camera setup and Installation from scratch.

Alkivison Bullet Security Camera Installation

Unpack the Alkivision shipment box by removing sticky tapes. Take out the Alkivision camera manual, camera, mounting bracket, USB wire for charging, and wall anchors, Remove the plastic cover from the camera and place it on the flat surface. Remove the protective cover from Alkivision glass. Below mentioned are the terms and conditions for the Alkivsison battery.

  • The battery will not work 24*7 constantly. It supports recording only when human motions are detected.
  • It is not compatible with PC S/W or browsers.
  • It runs only with Wi-fi having a 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • The battery supports DC5V 1A/2A socket. The estimated charging time will be around five to six hours.
  • Note that the IP camera supports offline recording, not the IP battery. Alkivision does not work when the Wi-Fi is disconnected. However, it keeps earlier recordings.

Charge Your Alkivision Wireless Camera

alkivision wireless camera setup

  • Firstly, open the cover from the left side on the bottom of the Alkivision 2k HD camera.
  • Look for the micro USB port. Take a USB wire and insert it.
  • Remove the USB wire from the port when the camera is fully charged, It may take four to six hours. When the light turns from amber to blue that confirms battery being fully charged.
  • There is an SD card slot beside the micro USB port. You can put a SD card to extend the storage capacity. Alkivision battery powered camera supports up to 128 GB SD card.
  • Place the USB port cover as it is, after the camera is fully charged. This is important because when you are going to use this camera outdoor then open cover can let the water get inside the camera. Lastly, follow the below instructions to complete the app setup.

Alkivision Wireless Camera App Setup

  • First and Foremost download the CloudEdge App for your android or iOS device from the play store or app store and later install it.

alkivision camera app

alkivision camera app for ios

  • The alternate way to install it is by scanning the QR code available on the sticker of the camera. Secondly, open the Cloudedge app and register with username and password. Power on your Alkivision camera, press the button on the backside of it.

alkivision wireless camera setup

  • When the Alkivision wireless camera blink red light, then tap add a device on the app. Confirm on the next interface by selecting the battery camera.

cloud edge app

Imp:- Click “Next” if you see a blinking red light on the camera. If you don’t then reset the camera. Hold the pin inside the reset hole of the Alkivision camera for around 5 seconds. While you do so make sure the camera is turned on.

red blinking light on cloudedge

  • On the next screen pick your 2.4 GHz Wi-fi network from the list shown on the app and type the passphrase.
  • Tap next on the interface to generate the QR Code. The QR code will be shown on the Cloud edge app. Pick your camera and scan the QR code shown on the mobile phone. Make sure the distance should be around six to nine inches in between them. A prompt sound will come from Alkivision when the scan is successful.

adding wireless camera to cloudedge app

  • It will take around 2 minutes for the camera to make connection with your router. It can take less or more than 2 minutes depending upon how far is your camera from the router. In case the camera doesn’t connect to the router then try plugging the camera bit closer to it.
  • You can also setup a wireless range extender in between your camera and the router and then connect the camera to the Wi-fi extender’s network name. It will work perfect. This is useful for bigger home’s where router is not able to cover the entire space.
  • Next, name the camera as per your need and choose the location too. It will be useful when you are using multiple cameras.
  • Now select the location on the app where you are going to install it. The Alkivision camera blinks blue light frequently. Tap next and allow the app permission to access the camera. So, this is how you can setup Alkivision wireless camera.
  • Lastly, install the Alkivision security camera outdoors. Follow the below guide to do it.

Installing The Alkivision Wireless Bullet Camera at Outdoor Location

alkivision wireless outdoor camera installation

You need a drilling machine, screws, plastic anchors, and a screwdriver to install the Alkivision Wireless Camera outdoors. Here is the guide to do it.

Before Installing the Camera make sure you take care of these necessary information.

Installation of 2k hd security system

  1. Firstly, make sure you charge the battery of the camera. As you plug the camera to power adapter the light on the back turns amber. Wait until it turns blue which shows 100% charge.
  2. Do not place this camera facing crowded road or street. As this can lead to draining of your battery way faster. Since this camera does not record all the time and only gets activated when it detects motion. So avoid placing it from place with lot of unnecessary motion that you don’t want to record.
  3. Install the camera at the corner of the entrance rather than at the center. This way its PIR motion detection works best.
  4. For optimum coverage through this camera, make sure you install it at a height of around 7-10 feet. Also keep the angle of the camera at 15 degrees.
  5. Keep the Alkivision PIR lens at level.
  6. Finally, this is the most common mistake we make while installing the camera. Do not face it directly toward sunlight. Try to install it in shade. This will help you to get better picture quality.

Right way to install security system

How to Install Alkivision Outdoor Wireless Camera?

  • First place the mount on the wall and using a marker or pen, mark the three holes on the wall.
  • Secondly, drill three holes on the wall or the spot where you like to install it. The wall should be clean and sere.

Drill three holes for Installing the security system

  • Put the white plastic wall anchors into all three drilled holes. Now position the mounting cover of the Alkivision C2 camera and put the screws.
  • Now fasten all three screws with a screwdriver. View the gap on the rear of the Alkivision camera. Place the camera viewing the alignment and tighten it. That’s it, the Alkivision Wireless camera is installed successfully and ready for use. Now you share, adjust the volume, and manage other settings just with the Cloud Edge app.

Installing the surveillance system

Whats in the Alkivision Security Camera Outdoor Manual

The Alkivison camera user guide consists of a packaging list, device description, and technical specifications. View the installation guide to fix the bracket and the camera using the screws and anchors. The steps to set up the cloudedge app, and add the camera to it are also given in a meticulous way. LED status and troubleshooting guide are also mentioned in detail to tackle any problem. By visiting the device menu, you can play, share, adjust the volume, and manage other settings also. View the warranty card terms and conditions to use the camera.

Guide for Alkivision Camera Troubleshooting

The Alkivison camera may not work due to many reasons. Some of the major issues with effective solutions are discussed below

Alkivision camera not connecting to wifi

If the Alkivision is not connecting to Wi-fi, then follow the suggestion given below

  • It may be due to a feeble internet connection. Try plugging the camera closer to the router.
  • Recheck that you are connected with the correct network. Disconnect the Wi-fi network from the Cloud Edge app on your phone and join again.
  • Reboot all your devices like modem, router, camera and phone.
  • Affirm that you are connected with a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi network instead of a 5 GHz frequency network. Because this camera does not support 5Ghz network. If router provides poor Wi-fi range then setup Wi-fi extender with this security camera to extend Wi-fi range.
Alkivision motion detection not working

If the motion detection feature is not working on the Cloud Edge app, then here are the given solutions that should be followed.

  • Affirm that you have enabled all the permissions for the Cloud edge app, like location, data, notifications, etc.
  • Check the motion detection sensor’s settings. Assure that it is on. Adjust the motion sensitivity by sliding left or right. Maybe the app is creating an issue. Uninstall the app and try to adjust the motion sensitivity again.
  • Update the Alkivision camera app, if available.
  • Do the Alkivision camera reset operation. You can do it by pushing the power button until the camera sounds two tones. The Alkivision camera red light will start blinking. It indicates the camera has been reset successfully.

Honest Alkivision Camera Review

We tested this camera ourselves and this is what we think about it. It is the best bullet security camera at the price point of 80 dollars. It captures very clear and ambient images. You can monitor the real-time info and intercommunicate through guests with a two-way audio feature. It is featured with night vision and cutting-edge PIR motion characteristics.

The setup and installation are effortless. Download the Cloud Edge app from the store to complete it. It roughly takes two minutes. No need for wiring to install it. Catch moment notifications on the mobile phone. Never get out of storage with an inbuilt SD card slot.

A single disadvantage of this camera is that it connects only with a 2.4 GHz wifi network frequency. Except for this, it is a great camera in this price range. Overall, I found the device user-friendly and super easy to set up. Would be recommended.