5 Security Tips to Stop Wifi Video Doorbells from Being Stolen

A wireless telephone is such a weak one that provides security to your home as well as the people living in it. In today’s time, many types models of wireless video doorbells are present on the market.

There a lot of wireless video doorbell brands are available on the market. The best Video Doorbell Cameras for 2022 are Arlo Video Doorbell, Nest Doorbell (battery) Best without a subscription, Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Ring Peephole Cam, Nest Hello, Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, etc.

All these are the best wireless video doorbell of 2022. You can buy one of these best doorbells from the market or through various online platforms. It usually works with a good connection to the internet. The Netgear AX1800 Router setup with your wireless doorbell essentially makes it work too well and is amazing. So, you can use a high-capacity network connection to perform overall activities through this wireless doorbell easily.

If you have the latest generation wireless video doorbell, you may be looking at how to stop it from being robbed. It’s a reasonable problem, as video doorbells are becoming more and more prevalent.

Without any further ado, let’s know about some security tips to stop wifi video doorbells from being stolen.

Tip 1:- Install or Setup your WIreless video doorbell in a perceptible area

The first security tip to secure your wireless doorbell or stop it from being stolen is to kindly install your wireless doorbell at a visible location. Through this method, burglars will know that they are being monitored, and it may be less possible to try and rob it.

So, install your wireless video doorbell in a better location where you see everybody through the video. Also, it provides you with an instant alert in any mishappening situations.

Make sure, it is connected with a safe and stable internet connection. If your wireless device network is not stable, fragile, or weak, you can use the Linksys MR6350 Router setup with your video wireless doorbell. It provides you with better security and secures your family members from various outsiders.

Tip 2:- Kindly Use for your wireless video doorbell a security sticker

The most useful method to prevent burglars from thieving your wireless video doorbell is by utilizing a security sticker. Apart from this, the wireless security sticker will allow possible stealers to know that your wireless device is covered and will be seen in case they try to rob it.

Tip 3:- Install a Wireless video security camera with your Wireless Video doorbell suitably

If you would like to take additional protection, you can set up a wireless security camera near your latest generation wireless video doorbell. This will permit you to protect your wireless device and see any possible burglars!

Tip 4:- Connect Your wireless video doorbell with a good connection to the internet

Another way to secure your wireless video doorbell with the being stone is to kindly use a good connection to the network. If your wireless network connection is too weak and does not easily reach your home doorbell you can use another wifi router, otherwise, the range extender is the best option.

Also, the Linksys E8450 Router setup with your wireless video doorbell is great. You can set it with your wireless doorbell very easily. It is made up of the latest generation features and with a compatibility feature.

Tip 5:- Ensure your Wireless video doorbell is set up and hooked up properly

To control your wireless video doorbell from being robbed, make sure it is installed and hooked up accurately. This signifies utilizing the appropriate screws and anchors to ensure it is in location. Further, keep an eye on the wireless doorbell’s wiring and make sure it is well-hidden from conceivable stealers.

What Should I Do When my Wireless video doorbell is Stealing?

You should foremost check for footage your wireless doorbell may have grabbed during the stealing. You should give over any wireless video doorbell footage to the authority.

In case your wireless video doorbell is robbed, you should file police information and contact your insurance corporation. You may even like to think about buying a wireless video doorbell with a built-in alarm or hooked up to a wireless security system.

This will assist make sure that your house is still covered.

In the end, in case your wireless video doorbell supplier delivers no-theft security, it’s time to offer them a call and confer a replacement.